From Channeling to Intuitive  Syntonization

For a long time, the most used way for the entities of other dimensions to convey information to this three-dimensional reality was through channeling. The medium functioned as a channel for transmitting the information that needed to be passed at that moment; information to which, often, he was not internally affiliated. Although channeling, this medium did not have an internal bond to the source from which the information was coming from. He was just a passive instrument, nothing more.


Consciousness is the internal dimension of the being, our true identity, what we are in Essence.

A truly conscious Being is one who is in full harmony with their Soul. Therefore, this Consciousness is timeless, it is not confined to space or time, it is neither new nor old, but what it has always been.

The End of Duality

"Light and Darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers of one another. They are inseparable. Because of this neither are the good good, nor evil evil, nor is life life, nor death death." (Gospel of Philip)

Duality processes itself by the confrontation of the opposites, in constant friction that purifies the substance. This is why Esoteric Science speaks of the Fricative Fire as the primary Fire in the material worlds. This duality, just like a chessboard where the pieces interact in the experiences necessary for the evolution of the world, is what the Orientals call Maya, the grand illusion.

From Observation to Contemplation

How many times did we told to ourselves that we are awakened beings, beings who have left the ignorance of a life turned towards material things and have become interested in spiritual subjects, without realizing that the true awakening does not come from the interest that we may have in this type of subjects, nor in the practices or techniques that we can learn, but rather feeling the Divine in all that surrounds us. We can know everything about spirituality, practice all existing techniques, and be as much of a sleeper as those who deal only with material things.

The Truth

Once, a pilgrim, in search of the Truth, climbed a mountain and there begged to Gods to show him the Truth. In response to his request, a child came to him and said:

"I am the Truth you seek."

The pilgrim's eyes were filled with commotion. Finally, he had found the truth.

"Stay with me," he said to the child. "May I have you with me forever."

"I cannot stay," answered the child. "I'm still young, I need to grow up."

New Clothes

Once, in a village, someone was living in conflict with their own life.  The reason for this conflict came from the scent he felt everywhere he was. An ingrained scent which left him sick, causing all kinds of malaise. For him, this scent was the result of the decay of the whole system where he lived: an empty and meaningless work, a family life where conflict and indifference had settled and a world where hatred and violence were the rules and not the exception.

He then decided to leave the job and the family, breaking with that life and leave in search of other aromas. He found a new family and a new job, but the scent remained, impregnating everything with that sickening smell. He could not find peace anywhere.

Let it Flow

Many of us feel, in the deepest of our beings, an urgency, an existential necessity to correct the world, to heal the wounds of a civilization forgotten of itself, far from the greater purposes intended for it. An urgency that becomes increasingly present in all those who have made a commitment to humanity. The commitment to walk with an open heart before the blind eyes of those who only believe in what they can touch, showing them that this touch is deeper, vaster; that touching with the heart is to feel the unity of all things in the transmutation force of that higher energy that we call LOVE.

The Real Reason for Being a Seed

Once, a stranger passing through an inn went in and sat down at one of the tables. A young woman who served there approached him, handed him the menu. He ordered a light meal which the young woman wrote down.
After having the meal, the stranger noticed that he didn´t have any money, asking the young woman to call the innkeeper. When the innkeeper came, he said to him:

"I do not bring with me money with which I can pay this meal, but if you accept, I will be able to offer you these two seeds which contain the Supreme Truth and that have been given to me directly by God."

The innkeeper, honored with such an offering, accepted.

The Zen Archer

In the inner silence, in the tender expression of those moments that pacifies in us everything when we learn not to resist Life, but through it, flow with time and space, letting Life be lived by us, everything will return to the keynote of our incarnation. And then will no longer be necessary to fight, to impose, to seek, for there, in the present moment where nothing is lacking, the Universe will do everything to nourish us with its manifestation of Abundance, Harmony and PEACE.

The Prayer

Prayer is one of the most intimate moments that someone can experience. It is the necessary breadth for us to connect with God in the spontaneity of a heart that seeks its Soul so that through this, in an amplified way, this dialogue with God can happen. Dialogue that is always heart-to-heart.

In prayer, we enter into this Inner Temple, the sacred enclosure of our Soul, and there, fully surrender, we unite with the presence of God. Nothing should interfere with the intimacy of this moment, nor force it to happen on the rhythm of other wills than ours.

But it is not always like that.

From the Multiple Right Paths, to the Only True Path

Once someone came to me and told me that a very zealous and genuinely worried friend had informed her that she had received a message from a spiritual entity which, through channeling, warned her of the wrong paths she was following. The message was very focused on the consequences of her actions, what could happen if the ways were not corrected, using this entity the instrument of fear as a way to condition the other in their own freedom. In the bottom line, we just see here the same winds of the past that kept humanity submissive and unable to fulfill its potential.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is like pollen threw into the wind, without destination, allowing the flow of wind to redirect it where it is necessary. The plant from which it emanated will never know the place of its landing or the consequences of its action, nor will it know the new plants fertilized by it. From itself, it is only asked to open and surrender, so that this pollen can express freely, fulfilling its function.


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