From Therapy to Healing

It is more and more necessary to form real healers within this humanity. People who, deprived of any human will to heal and totally surrender to the will of God, can become true agents of the healing of mankind. People that are not formed by any human technique, by any spiritual or therapeutic method, but who, in the unconditional surrender to the Highest, have placed themselves, quietly and stripped, at the service of the Divine.

As therapists, we act on the surface of the symptoms, relieving them, directing them, rearranging them, and giving comfort so often necessary for the person to move forward with more confidence and security. There is nothing wrong with therapy. It is an instrument that must be used within the boundaries of the field of its actions. However, we are not yet in the field of healing. It's as if I had a hose through which passed oil, and at some point in that hose, there was a hole. This hole, by pouring oil into the ground, formed a stain of dirt, being a risk to those who could slip there. The therapist will act on the floor, cleaning the oil from the ground. However, the hole remains in the hose and the oil will continue to spill over the floor, so it is a matter of time before everything goes back to the starting point. When we enter the domain of healing, the oil from the ground may even continue there, but the hose will be repaired and no longer will pour.

This situation is often not comfortable for those seeking a quick solution to their problems since this search is often superficial and selfish. The person wants the relief of the symptoms and not the cure. And, if in a healing process, these symptoms are not removed, and may even be intensified, the reaction is often rejection of the process itself. Either way, the problem has been solved, and the oil from the ground will be handed over to the person's free will and their own karma.

This reshuffling of energies and forces that therapy brings us is no longer appropriate for those who seek true healing, because, as we saw in the previous example, the problem is not solved, just camouflaged. The person has their symptoms relieved and could now walk a little more, but soon after, it stops again when those symptoms return, sometimes with more intensity, because that hole in the hose will only tend to increase.

No real healing can ever happen on the part of any therapist if there is a desire for his patient to be healed, because here, there is a form of manipulation and, therefore, interference. We do not have to desire anything, but simply put ourselves as instruments for the Divine will be realized. On the other hand, no healing can ever happen on the part of any therapist who emits any kind of energy, for this is magic. And even if it is white, it continues to be magic that is an interference in that person's life and, as an interference, generator of karma. None of this is healing.

Healing begins in the silence of any human will to interfere in the health of the other and in the unconditional surrender of the whole process to the Divine. When someone in need comes to a true healer, no technique is applied to that person. The healer simply listens with all his attention, in silence, and then, without emitting any kind of energy or formulating any kind of desire, even if it is the desire to heal that person, he brings all that context to his consciousness and within it, with his attention fully concentrated on the problem, without questioning it and without formulating any type of judgment, he allows an inner conduit to be opened so that God's will can be totally fulfilled in that context. And it is here, in that conduit that was opened, that "miracles" begin to happen.

For those who propose themselves to be healed, faith is essential, since, apparently, nothing visible is happening. Those who were accustomed to therapies where many things happen, there, they just stand before the silence of the healer. And in the face of this silence, there is only faith and an unshakable truth that God’s will be fully manifested, even though it may be contrary to their desire. It is also here, as in the previous situation, that an inner conduit is opened for what we call miracles could begin to happen.

When that Roman general came to Jesus to heal his servant, he relied only on his faith. Jesus did not move to his house or made any kind of desire to heal his servant. He only listened in silence, and in that silence, he brought that context into his consciousness. And without emitting any kind of energy, nor applying any kind of technique, and having as a vehicle for the healing process the faith of that general, the cure happened immediately, at that very moment.

It is here, to this state of mind, that all who aspire to become healers have to come.

At first glance, it may seem something far from our reach, but who creates this distance is our mind, the one that is an expert in multiple therapeutic techniques, but that knows nothing about healing. Because, in fact, the extent to which we become healers is precisely in our capacity to deliver this whole process to the Highest, because it is not us who will heal. And if it is not we who heal, then what difficulty can there be for us to stop being only therapists and also become healers? None!

There is, however, an obstacle, and this obstacle is our own ego. Because while therapy is paid, healing is free. While therapy is recognized and valued, healing is silent and deprived. While therapy creates legions of dependent people, healing frees them. And this the ego cannot stand. Therefore, moving from therapy to healing implies only a choice on our part, for no real difficulty exists for this to happen.

And how to do it then?

In order to understand what exactly this transition from therapy to healing means, I will tell you a real story lived by a couple that accurately illustrates what therapy is and what healing is. The situation that was presented to this couple was that of a dog who, for two days, kept barking. They lived in a building that was on the slope of a hill where there were many houses so it was difficult for them and the people in that building to notice where the noise came from. For two days nobody slept, such was the agony of the animal. In this period, several times, the female element of the couple, applying one of their therapeutic techniques, emitted energy to help that dog. And although sometimes he stopped barking, after a while everything was back to the same point. The problem remained. And so, it was for two long days and two very long nights.

On the third day, and while the male element was preparing himself to leave with his son to the park, the feminine element came close to him and, in an affirmative way, said to him: "I feel that you can solve this situation. I do not know how, but something in me gives me that certainty. " He went out into the park, confused. How could he solve this situation if he did not know in what house the dog was, and he had no therapeutic technique in his hands that he could apply at a distance? When he arrived at the park, he kept this in his mind, and while playing with his son, he decided to deliver the whole process to the Highest. What he did, and this is his description of what happened, was to be silent about the subject. The only thing that came to his mind was, "Father, Thy will be done." He did not utter any other thought or send any kind of energy. He just kept silent and brought that context into his consciousness. He told me that at that moment, his whole attention was entirely on the dog, and his mind did not formulate anything, did not make any type of judgment, or emitted any kind of desire. And though he kept playing with his son, he did not miss the dog for a single second. When he came home, the dog was no longer barking, and no longer was heard. What happened to that dog no one knows, but that situation was fully healed.

This report shows us how healing processes operate simply and directly, as long as there is on our side the total surrender of that process to the Highest, without any kind of interference. Bringing that animal to their consciousness and keeping his full attention on it, allowed a door to be open for the Divine to act and solve that situation because the Divine can only act in our lives and in the lives of others when the door is opened. He doesn’t break it. And while in therapy we open the door and step in to help those that we think need us, and so we may be interfering with that process, generating karma, in healing we open the door, and we leave, letting the Divine enter and accomplish His Own Will.

It's just that!

Let us, therefore, have the courage to take this step, because the planet is increasingly in need of conscious and active healers, not in the affirmation of its own will, for there we would be in the field of therapy, but as mirrors reflecting a Greater Will.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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