Mother of the World

Isabel saw herself inside an amphitheater where many beings were facing a circular stage. A Feminine Being was sitting down there. She had a veil covering her eyes, which reminded Isabel of “The Mother of the World” painting by Nicholas Roerich, whom she felt deeply connected with, for it was as if this painting had been painted from that image. She realized then that she was in front of the energy of the Great Mother, and that the symbolism of the veil covering her eyes had an occult meaning because the Mother does not need to see their children, for she lives inside them. It was then that She spoke:

Let's Be Trees

How can we end duality and continue living in the world? How to make the game of good and evil, right and wrong, definitely finish in us?

While I was asking this question, the image that came to me was that of a tree.

The tree is planted in its own roots. It does not wander around looking for food and the energy it needs to live. It simply establishes its roots in the earth and opens its leaves to the sky, and all that it needs is there, with nothing to look for.

Straw Suits, Golden Hearts

A golden heart can only rely on the simplicity of the straw; this was the material that covered the little boy cradle. This is also the image of what we must all become.

In the life of Jesus, there is the inner codification for today's times. It is not, therefore, only a historical narrative, but the programmatic matrix for the present planetary dispensation.

That narrative encodes in itself all that we are living individually and collectively in this period of the history of mankind and not only the historical facts of Jesus life and the context in which they unfolded.


A new look is needed on this topic. A new understanding needs to anchor in us so that we can be aware of the real meaning of the ascension process.

In fact, no one actually ascends. This is one of the many illusions in which we are immersed. And no one ascends because we are already fully Divine. To where do we want to ascend, anyway? We are already, as Essence, at the highest peak of the Vertical Universe. We are One with the Divine. We are God Itself within time, fulfilling part of a task that witch its only function is the elevation of universal substance into the Center that gave it expression.

The True Liberty

Life is made of choices, and in every instant, we have to consider what is really important and essential for our journey in this world.

We can choose the beautiful fireworks that dazzle us but which, from so ephemeral, soon disappear without our hands even touching them, or we can choose the seeds that are thrown to the earth and of which we do not have news for some time, but that one day  will become sturdy trees from which the fruits that will nourish us will spring forth.

A New Vision of Karma

In the antechambers of time, still echoes the yes that we all pronounced when we were asked if we were willing to serve on this planet. From different cosmic abodes, from different quadrants of this Mother Universe, legions of beings have come here with the task of assisting in the elevation of this system to an electrical and non-fricative dimension, allowing the Kundalini of the Planetary Logos to rise from its Solar Plexus, where it is currently polarized, to the Heart Chakra where it will stabilize after the coming changes.

Releasing Pain

This emptiness that touches us whenever the Soul presents itself in the face of pain, smiling at us as perceiving the benign action of this great alchemist who transforms everything, is the greatest grace that a being can receive, for there is the healing of all his past and the final redemption that will consecrate him on the altar of Love.

The Mirror Function

In the cosmos, communication is made by what is known as the mirror system, which allows energy to flow without distortion, immaculate, maintaining its timbre and its programmatic and archetypal note. Whether it is a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, or the cosmos as a whole, this system is the equilibrium point of the universe itself. It is the guarantee that the Voice of the Divine is heard in every corner of its manifestation. All other communication systems are fallible and likely to be interfered by anti-evolution forces, but not the mirror system. It is for this reason that the Hierarchy only uses this system for its communications.

The Path of The Disciple

The path of the disciple, as it has been referred to throughout the decades in all the esoteric tradition that comes from Blavatsky, has always been a narrow trail. A trail of many trials in which this same disciple was tested in his faith, surrender, and aspiration until he met his Master and integrated with him. The desert is not just a biblical metaphor where Jesus was tempted in his own desires to cleanse himself from all of them and take on the task that was his to fulfill, but also an inner reality that we all must unfold and understand. To be in this desert, is to be in the solitude of an ancestral pain that we carry from many incarnations, and that needs to be cured. But this is a solitary process, as much as we are accompanied silently by other dimensions.


A retreat should not be seen by us as an opportunity to isolate ourselves from the world in the pursuit of the tranquility we lack in the urban environments where we live. A retreat is not a walk into the countryside, a return to nature, much less an escape to the problems of the world.

May we understand that whenever we go to a true retreat, all human expectations about the form the retreat must have will be swept away by the active energy in the area where we go. If we go in the expectation of returning to nature, the tent on the top of the hill, the sun, the breeze, the birds, all this romantic scenario then, it is more likely that this becomes exactly the opposite, as a way of testing our surrender to Life, showing us that being in retreat should have nothing to do with the external conditions of the space where we are, but with the posture that we must assume in conscience for the inner work to be carried out at that moment.


When we assume consciously the path we have long determined, when that inner YES resonates deep in the antechamber of the Higher Self, assuming a spherical and crystalline form, all forces contrary to this movement awaken from a long drowsiness.

This synchronized awakening - since many of these forces have not been directly manifested for centuries because they feel comfortable within the unconscious rhythm of our behaviors - is due to the fact that the YES pronounced Internally, will have Real implications in our human and three-dimensional life, which means changing in us habits and ancestral behaviors: those where these forces have always accommodated themselves in the comfort of knowing that no human will, by itself, could dislodge them.


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