From the Multiple Right Paths, to the Only True Path

Once someone came to me and told me that a very zealous and genuinely worried friend had informed her that she had received a message from a spiritual entity that, through channeling, warned her of the wrong paths she was following. The message was very focused on the consequences of her actions, what could happen if the ways were not corrected, using this entity the instrument of fear as a way to condition their own freedom. In the bottom line, we just see here the same winds of the past that kept humanity submissive and unable to fulfill its potential.

For a moment, I stood in front of that person silently, and then I asked her: "Is it possible that someone who does not seek the right paths, could be walking the wrong path?" As a response, a gleam showed in her eyes, and a smile, which came from the depths of her Soul, illuminated her whole face. At that moment, in an absolutely, unquestionably, and accurate way, she realized that it was totally impossible to go on the wrong path because she had never bothered to follow any right path.

And there was the key to true Freedom.

The right and wrong paths are constructions of the mind, perpetuated throughout history as a form of dominion over populations and individuals. They are thought-forms that enslave us in psychic catacombs from where our true beings cannot express themselves. They are, in reality, the only obstacle that prevents us from being truly free. There is no other! And this is why fear, born of the insecurity resulting from the precarious balance between right and wrong, has always been used as the primary tool to keep us submissive, gagged, half asleep, unable to perceive ourselves as the Spiritual Beings that we are.

May we be liberated, once and for all, from this form of slavery that for centuries has kept humanity bent over itself, unable to lift its head and look at the horizon with that immense smile on its face, resulting from an unshakable and full confidence in its own life? May we restore the Joy that comes from within, which allows us to make peace with the world and with humanity, awakening to our true essence?

At that moment, when that smile was present on the face of this person, it was as if she had received a writ of emancipation that showed her that the only path that exists is the True Path, which is neither right nor wrong, but Life itself manifesting through their multiple experiences.

May we live these experiences in full surrender, being aware that the fruit that comes from this Freedom is Love.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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