The End of Duality

"Light and Darkness, life and death, right and left, are brothers of one another. They are inseparable. Because of this neither are the good good, nor evil evil, nor is life life, nor death death." (Gospel of Philip)

Duality processes itself by the confrontation of the opposites, in constant friction that purifies the substance. This is why Esoteric Science speaks of Fricative Fire as the primary Fire in the material world. This duality, just like a chessboard where the pieces interact in the experiences necessary for the evolution of the world, is what the Orientals call Maya, the grand illusion.

Realizing that this game does not have a concrete reality in itself, but that those who are involved in it are the ones that create this reality, is the first step to ending this game.

Over the centuries, in successive incarnations, we were part of that game, taking up positions on both sides of the board. We were white and black pawns, knights of light and shadow. We were bishops, towers and, in some cases, kings and queens, alternating according to the experiences needed for the evolution of the game itself. We went through both sides and in each one of them, we fulfilled our destiny. We were not worse for being part of the black forces, nor better for being at the service of the white ones. We limited ourselves to playing the game, moving on the board in compliance with established rules, which have always been the same for both sides.

On this board, all these characters created their strategies and played in the attempt of a final checkmate that would assert their hosts over those of the opponent, and the actors behind these characters passed through both sides without belonging to any of them. Light and Shadow were always the necessary parts of this dual game, where illusion kept us trapped during so many incarnations.

But today the game has to end. Not out there in the world, because the world only fulfills its function as the necessary board for the game to happen, but within us. That's what the new times ask us for.

To judge that this New World to come will remove from the chessboard the black pieces, leaving only the white ones, is one more illusion that we add to the game. Without the black pieces, the game of chess cannot happen, leaving the white ones without purpose. Either the game exists, and within its context, both sides manifest themselves equally, or the game simply ceases to exist and in this case both the black and white pieces must be saved, together, inside the same box and the board closed, leaving only what we often try to escape from while immersed in the illusion of the game that is: LIFE itself.

To aspire to the Light is to remain trapped in the duality of the world and, therefore, in the illusion of Maya. We must aspire to LIFE, to Pure and Full Consciousness, where there is no more checkmate to give or receive, where there is no more Light or Shadow - parts of that same illusion - but only LOVE in the unity of all things.

And all this is to happen within us because it will be this transformation in ourselves that will make everything around us change. Only then will the duality of the world cease to be an instrument that generates suffering to become an instrument of pacification, for we will accept everything, any opposite, as an integral part of Life itself.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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