Divine Mother

Isabel saw herself inside an amphitheater where many beings were facing a circular stage. A Feminine Being was sitting down there. She had a veil covering her eyes, which reminded Isabel of “The Mother of the World” painting by Nicholas Roerich, whom she felt deeply connected with, for it was as if this painting had been painted from that image. She realized then that she was in front of the energy of the Great Mother, and that the symbolism of the veil covering her eyes had an occult meaning because the Mother does not need to see their children, for she lives inside them. It was then that She spoke:

«Many are the names given to me, but none of them is mine.

I am the Mother of known and unknown universes, of light and shadow.

I am the substratum of all creation.

I am not here to tell you what to do,
to present rules or conducts,
rituals or practices to be done.

I am not here to prophesy or instruct you on the best ways
because I am in the heart of every Being.

I speak to you through intuition,
as I do with the birds when I show them the paths of migration 
when I drive the whales by marine currents
when I take the fish to spawn in their birthplace.

And if I do all this to your brothers from other kingdoms,
wouldn’t I also do it to you?

You will not find me in the channeling, in the mantras or prayers made in my name,
you will not find me in the altars of your beliefs,
but only in the scent of your Souls,
whose Sound will always lead you to the Truth.

Excerpt from Chapter III of the book The Key of Andromeda by Pedro Elias


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