In the course of human evolution, in the deidentification with the things of this world, not by its denial, but by overcoming in us all these appeals, impersonality is essential as a way of transcending attachments and cutting the relational webs that enslave us, as we do not yet know how to see in others their true face.

Impersonality is the only way in which we can awaken unconditional love in all of us, since we will see in the other a reflection of the one existing Life, without any kind of attachment. No distinction is made between those who are close and those who, though physically distant, are as present as these.

Impersonality is a mirror that reflects the Light of our Deep Essence, allowing us to clarify, unwind, clean and subtilize all relationships. Nothing should bind us to that person that the deep Love that unites us to all Humanity alike.

Therefore, we will cease to react according to the civilizational protocols that convene behaviors and attitudes, to relate to the face behind the mask that calls for a deep reverence from us.

It is important to understand that impersonality is not the same as indifference. In indifference, the person does not build, it only distances itself from the other out of fear. In impersonality, on the contrary, it distances itself from the form to approach the Essence, building a bridge that will bind them together with the deepest part of each other and not with the civilizational forces that condition mankind. It is on the inside that this contact takes place, arriving at the other in the dimension where he truly finds himself.

Without this inner contact, there is no real relationship, but only a shadow of it. We must have the courage to leave the cave where these shadows have a face of reality, and walk outside and contemplate the Sun and the objects behind these shadows that we have always taken for granted, but which are just simple masks of reality. All human relationships are an expression of these masks, no matter how subtle they may be. It is only through impersonality, paradoxical as it may seem, that the true relationship will be expressed.

It is, therefore, necessary to have the courage to seek the essence and not the outer form reflected in the traits to which we are accustomed and where we feel safe, even knowing that this safety is nothing more than stagnation.

To be impersonal is not to be indifferent, as was said, but to seek in the other that which is deeper to reveal. To be impersonal is to look beyond all masks, not confirming the traits that give its expression, and thus seeking to invoke the Light that hides behind its contours.

Only then will we be ready to manifest, as a reflection of the inner expression of our true identity, what could be called Impersonal-Personality. A state that transcends all form and all material ties to this dimension, revealing the inner traits of an identity whose only bond is Divinity itself.

We will find, then, as an intimate experience of this reality, the Real expression of the Universal Self that, in essence, are ourselves within the illusion of time.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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