the law of abundance

The Law of Abundance

While incarnated, we are subject to various laws. From the material Laws that try to regulate life within the manifested universe, like the Law of Karma or the Law of Attraction, to the Spiritual Laws that impel us out of this universe through the syntonization with Life itself, like the Law of Abundance.

The Law of Attraction, so widely disclosed in our days, is a Law that operates within the circuit of the Mother and therefore is a material Law, proper to the planetary universe where we find ourselves incarnated. This Mother, who is the lucid substance of the manifested universe and, therefore, made of matter, reacts to our thoughts and feelings, which are also matter, returning to us what we have desired, not in the form of a spiritual impulse or an expansion of consciousness since that is from the circuit of the Son and the Law of Abundance, but through the forms we have desired. This Law allows us, only, through the understanding of its functioning and its mechanisms of action and reaction, to find a balance of forces within this contextual universe we call Planet Earth.

This balance is not vertical, but just a way of moving forces and organizing them, allowing us to flatten the edges of the path. However, although this flattening may even be important at a specific point in our evolutionary process, seeking this Law to continually remove all edges from that path, will surely be a trap into which we must not fall.

If I withdraw from the path all the obstacles that Life brings me and that are there so I can mature as a spiritual being, the possibility of this growth and maturation is canceled. I stand within a hypnotic bubble created by my own desires, and there, in the illusion of material happiness, I stagnate all my spiritual process in the freedom I will cease to have.

It’s as if we were this street dog, who, so desperate about the ways of his life, sends to this great Mother the desire to have food every day and a clean house to live in. And this great Mother, like any mother, seeing the sincerity of his request, satisfies him by sending someone who, passing by the street, gathers him. From then on, this dog will have, as he desired, food and a clean house where to live. But along with the satisfaction of this desire, which has apparently improved his life, also comes a leash and the boundaries of the wall of that same house that belongs to someone who became its owner.

To seek the Law of Abundance is to get out of the addicted circuit of the Law of Attraction. Is to fully trust in Life itself, without desiring anything. It is to be this street dog, totally free, and believe that the Universe will bring everything we need for our own growth, whether good or bad. If we withdraw from this equation the unpleasant things, we stagnate our spiritual process entirely, because, within a dual dimension, evolution is made by the confrontation of opposites. This is how we lapidate our rough stone in polished and glistening crystal.

It is certain that in this crossing of the desert, in this barefoot walk through the hot sands, thirsty, without strength, finding a small oasis where we can rest our feet in fresh water, drink from a coconut and eat some dates its a pleasant and sometimes necessary break. But be aware, because the oasis is not the promised land, the one that is on the other side of the desert. The danger of the Law of Attraction is that we stay there as if it were the final destination and, standing with our feet on the freshwater, the coconut on the one hand and the dates on the other, we let pass our whole life and the true reason of being here in this world.

May we understand that we are not incarnated just to attract pleasant people. We are here to serve, and to serve the Divine is to fully accept what life brings us. If I withdraw from the circuit, through the Law of Attraction, the people who bother me, who will I be helping? Yes, because Jesus could have stayed with the apostles, and there would not be any criticism or judgment. But he went into the midst of the "sinners" of the Gentiles, of those who criticized him because that was to serve God. If he had invoked the Law of Attraction to bring into his life only good things and pleasant people, today we would know nothing about this Jesus who would have stayed in the hills and deserts of Palestine speaking to his restricted group of elects.

Let's stop deluding ourselves with promises of a spiritual path made easy, because that is something that does not exist, not because the spiritual path is difficult, no, on the contrary, it’s very simple. The problem is that we are tied to so much civilizational stuff, whether it be material or spiritual, that when we are invited to work all this out, consciously and frontally, we run away. And we run away because, letting go of all the stuff we do not want to give, implies suffering and no one wants to suffer. And because no one wants to suffer, the Law of Attraction is used as an escape from this transformation.

If we do not want to suffer, and this is a legitimate call, then we do not have to run away from anything, no matter how much pain it brings us, but just let go and untie ourselves from everything that has to be transformed, putting all that in the hands of the great Mother. Yes, because the process is exactly the opposite. It is not to ask things to the genius of the lamp but rather to give him everything that needs to be transformed. It is to give and not to ask for. That's how the Law of Abundance works.

No one enters the circuit of the Law of Abundance running away from themselves, by asking this great Mother to fulfill all their desires. We enter the circuit of the Law of Abundance by surrendering ourselves to the Divine through faith that gives us this unquestionable certainty that everything is there for our own growth and maturity and, therefore, we do not have to run away from anything, nor seek the more comfortable path, the one that can bring us fresh water to our feet, but nothing will bring for our true transformation as spiritual beings we are.

Yes, because we can completely dominate the Law of Attraction, bringing into our lives all material happiness and be completely stagnant in our spirituality, while others, unaware of this Law and who may even have a rather chaotic life from the material standpoint, may be taking significant steps in their spiritual growth.

As we enter into the Law of Abundance the universe, without us having to ask anything, or questioning whatever, because we have already given ourselves unconditionally to the all process, will bring us all that we need to fulfill our necessities, that could be nothing from the material standpoint of view or more than anything we could ever have wished for. It’s totally irrelevant. And it is irrelevant because the focus is no longer on what is received, but instead on what has to be accomplished.

The choice will always be ours. We may refuse to continue walking through the desert toward true Abundance, stopping at an oasis. But be aware, the Law of Attraction is temporary, like all that is material. A simple sandstorm and the desert will advance over the oasis. The Law of Abundance, which is a Spiritual Law, is eternal, and once we reached it, we will never lose it.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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