The Stones of the Path

Once a pilgrim arrived in a lost village in a valley surrounded by high mountains. As he walked along the slope of a hill, he observed some stones on his way and realized, in a way that was difficult to explain, that he had to take each of those stones and carry them to the top of the hill. And so it was. Every day he would look for stones, many of them covered by vegetation, and take them to the top of that hill where he would gather them in one place. It was a painful task, hard by fatigue, but at no time did he doubt what Life asked of him, giving himself entirely to that task.

The Truth

Once, a pilgrim, in search of the Truth, climbed a mountain and there begged to Gods to show him the Truth. In response to his request, a child came to him and said:

"I am the Truth you seek."

The pilgrim's eyes were filled with commotion. Finally, he had found the truth.

"Stay with me," he said to the child. "May I have you with me forever?"

"I cannot stay," answered the child. "I'm still young, I need to grow up."

New Clothes

Once, in a village, someone was living in conflict with their own life.  The reason for this conflict came from the scent he felt everywhere he was. An ingrained scent that left him sick, causing all kinds of malaise. For him, this scent was the result of the decay of the whole system where he lived: an empty and meaningless work, a family life where conflict and indifference had settled and a world where hatred and violence were the rules and not the exception.

He then decided to leave the job and the family, breaking with that life and leave in search of other aromas. He found a new family and a new job, but the scent remained, impregnating everything with that sickening smell. He could not find peace anywhere.

The Real Reason for Being a Seed

Once, a stranger passing through an inn went in and sat down at one of the tables. A young woman who served there approached him, and handed him the menu. He ordered a light meal which the young woman wrote down.
After having the meal, the stranger noticed that he didn´t have any money, asking the young woman to call the innkeeper. When the innkeeper came, he said to him:

"I do not bring with me money with which I can pay for this meal, but if you accept, I will be able to offer you these two seeds which contain the Supreme Truth and that have been given to me directly by God."

The innkeeper, honored with such an offering, accepted.


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