From Group to Group Context

In the trail of the disciple, when he seeks Himself and then the Cosmos, many are the phases he must face during his journey. After the first awakening to his Spiritual Being, after the raising of the first veils that reveal a reality beyond the three-dimensional play, the disciple – the one who aspires to become an Initiate - leaves the gregarious groups of the world and departs into the search of other ways more according to its new condition.

In this search he encounters other groups, groups of a spiritual nature, and here begins his saga, where he will have to learn to break the first mirrors, understanding that these groups, supposedly evolutionary and capable of satisfying their new needs, are equally gregarious, conditioners of his own evolution and freedom.

When the disciple becomes aware that the crossing of this inner desert is solitary, when he realizes that the group to which he has bound cannot help him on this journey, is when he will truly become a disciple accepted by the Master, ready to find his own nature and, in this, the expression of its true identity.

Here begins the transition from the group to the group context, from the gregarious unity to the conscious unity, from the connection to a physical structure and its leader to the connection with the Internal Master who has always been present throughout his journey.

But what is the difference between a group and a group context?

In the group - and in this case, we speak of spiritual groups - we have a center, someone who has assumed for himself the responsibility of attracting those who will give expression to that same group; a guru or mentor who, with his radiation, feeds those around him. This is an old system. The center feeds the circle around which in turn uses that energy to maintain the created structure, closing in on itself. In the astral dimension, an egregore is formed which, by the power invested by those who feed it, ends up becoming conscious, enslaving the group and its leader to the power of his will, while feeding itself, like a parasite, from the devotion of the elements of that same group.

In the group, attachment is always present, because everyone that is in the circle around the center, has joined the group for the group itself that they feed and support, receiving in return the radiation that the egregore emits through the leader of that group. This egregore, as a group thoughtform that became conscious, does so not by an act of service but, because by feeding the members of this group with its radiation, receives in return the devotion of those members who will nourish and sustain its own condition. It is a system not very different from the farmer who feeds his chickens, not for its evolution, but to receive in exchange the eggs that will feed him. This is how an egregore works.

In this system, where an egregore was shaped by the will of a leader and the devotion of its members, everyone ends up becoming slaves of that same egregore, including the leader itself because, without it, they would not have the food to which they are dependent. In this process, there is no evolution but the stagnation of everyone around an idea that is not truly spiritual, but to which they are addicted, sustaining a misconception about what spiritual evolution and Service are. Without this "astral food" they would feel lost because no inner contact was made, and, for this very reason, there is no way to seek real nutrition within oneself inside a group controlled by an egregore.

A group context is something completely different. Here there is no center, although there may be people with leadership roles, not because they are above others or in the center of that context, but because that is their role, equal to the role of any other person that is bound to that context. Everyone is in the circle around the center, treading the same ground. This center is the context itself and not a leader or a system. They are all self-sufficient, for they have already accomplished in themselves the crossing of the inner desert, finding in it the "fountain of youth" which is nothing more than the contact with our own Soul.

These persons are not dependent on anyone or any specific situation. They have been brought together according to this context, and as soon as it is fulfilled, they leave for the next context without any attachment to the created structures. They are persons that would have a solitary journey if no context would have been presented to them. The egregore does not have, therefore, a way to be created in a group context, because there is no need for devotional energy to sustain it. No one is in this context to receive anything; all emit, all radiate, and all are in that context for a higher purpose and not for the group or the leader of that group.

A group enslaves all persons submitted to it, being supported by the egregore that ultimately will dominate everyone. Here there is only stagnation, inertia, and attachment... nothing truly evolutionary can be born of a structure like this. In the end, it will eventually become sectarian and contrary to the Divine purpose.

In the group context, on the contrary, there are no ties or attachments. Each person is fully committed to this context which is an extension of the Will of a Spiritual Hierarchy to which all are bound by internal ties, unlike the group whose bond is with the leader and his egregore. In the group context, there is the freedom to be and to serve, allowing the disciple to take the necessary steps to become an initiate. No person has ever attained a true initiation within a spiritual group... Group initiations are not given inside spiritual groups, but to all those who have joined together in a spiritual context.

So, before we can aspire to be part of one of these contexts, we must first perform our internal alchemy, since it will be from this same alchemy that we will have the instruments to radiate the purpose within that same context. Only free beings can accomplish such a task. For everyone who is attached to a group structure, no service can perform that is truly evolutive.

Let us finish the crossing of the inner desert so that we can find this Source of Life that awaits us on the other side and then yes, we can finally become true Servants of the Evolutionary Plan. When this happens, Life will take care of leading us to the context that is ours to fulfill and where we can radiate the purpose that is destined for us. In that context, we will remain as long as this context exists and then we will go to the next one without any attachment to what has been accomplished because our only sustenance comes from the inner dimensions of our Being.

We will then be free and full, living expressions of the Divine Love.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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