The Initiatic Path

When our consciousness left the upper levels of the universe and bent over the temporal spheres, casting itself into this cosmic adventure that is the incarnation, it did so by stabilizing its light on different dimensional planes, using bodies of differentiated matter. Thus, were created the Monads, the Souls, and all the physical structures necessary for that incarnation. These bodies, which I call consciousness stabilizers, have allowed this same consciousness, stabilized in the respective plane, to be present and operate on that same plane.

Thus, while a not very potent strand of this consciousness expresses itself physically through a personality, which is composed of the physical, emotional, and mental body, other nuclei of that consciousness, in a higher power, are expressed in the other planes. Thus, we have the Soul-body that serves as a vehicle to the part of our consciousness that is stabilized on the Intuitive Plane and the Monad-body that anchors in itself the maximum power of the individual Being, stabilizing this consciousness on the Monadic Plane. This concentration of what we are in different planes and in varying voltages allows that, while having one filament incarnated on the physical plane, we continue simultaneously to act on the other planes, even though in the three-dimensional plane we are not aware of it.

To help visualize this process, let us assume that our Monad contains within itself 1000 volts of consciousness, which allows it to radiate a very powerful light. Imagine, too, that the Soul contains within itself 100 volts of consciousness and that the personality contains only 10 volts of consciousness. This consciousness is what we are, it is our true Being that is present in these nuclei in different potencies.

This illustration allows us to perceive more clearly what exactly the initiation process is; that being an expansion of the three-dimensional consciousness of the personality, allows that same personality to receive a higher voltage of the consciousness that we are and thereby expresses a more powerful degree of light. Thus, as the personality walks the initiatory path, the Soul opens its valve and lets a higher voltage of consciousness reach into the personality, which gradually illuminates itself in growing intensity.

This initiatic path has as its ultimate goal the integration of this consciousness, split into multiple planes, in a single conscious nucleus which we call the Light Body. This body, unlike the others we were offered, was created by us along with the incarnations and it is with this body, with all the expression of our Self concentrated in it, that we will one day return to the root nucleus: the divine expression of our being.

The various phases of this initiatic process will allow the being to re-encounter itself and with its multiple forms of expression within the Cosmic Physical Plane. This plane consists of seven subplanes that range from the physical plane to the divine plane. It is in this Cosmic Physical Plane that we find all our vertical structure, beginning in the three bodies of the personality, passing through the Soul and the Monad, and ending in the Avatar-Regent that is God in us.

These initiations are internal processes that result from the contact of our being with its hierarchical regency and therefore do not have any three-dimensional expression. Nothing in our ordinary life can denounce what we are living inwardly. They are processes that do not happen in the time of human clocks, nor by the will or action of an incarnated being. Those who pass through the initiations do so in total silence, and only the transformations in their expression and behavior, for anyone who passes through an initiation will no longer be the same person, can denounce what happened.

Several nuclei of conscience are not subject to initiations, being these reserved only to the humanities in their multiple expressions. The Angelic Hierarchy, as an emanation of the Father-universe, the Christ Hierarchy (or Buddhic Hierarchy), as an emanation of the Son-universe, and the Devas Hierarchy as an emanation of the Mother-universe, are not subject to this process because they initiate others not being initiated by others. In these nuclei, there is no evolution, since everything is already fully realized in themselves.

This initiatic process begins, of course, by the first initiation that is given, not to those who are still immersed within the psychism in which mankind is generally found, but to those which we call, within spiritual science, aspirants. An aspirant is a person who, having already left the hypnotic mesh, has not yet been reunited with himself. He is in a kind of limbo, where he no longer identifies himself with his past, although he still feels comfortable within his habits, and has not yet found his future. They are usually persons who have an almost obsessive quest for spiritual knowledge, therapeutic techniques, for methods of all kinds, in a voracity that hides their existential void. Only when this aspirant begins to feel an emptiness in his chest and realizes that despite all the knowledge acquired, all the techniques learned, all the methods applied, nothing real really happened to him, being the same person as always, is that the door of the first initiation will open.

The First Initiation is known as the birth within the symbology of Jesus' life. It produces a profound transformation in those that pass through it. With the expansion of consciousness that happens, a higher voltage will become available in the personality, and with that, we will have a more comprehensive view of the world. Everything that was our references to life, our habits, our relationships, our work, etc... goes through a deep transformation and we will stop identifying with all this. We no longer feel an affinity with the friends we had, we no longer feel the need to do the things we did, we no longer identify with those habits that brought us small pleasures. There is a growing need for recoil, silence, introspection, and moving away from the environments we had frequented so far. We become very little understood by others because from one moment to another, we have no more affinity with everything that was our life until then. We began to feel like a stranger within our own life routine. We then start to look for other environments with which we have a greater affinity. Our readings, which in the aspirant phase were massive, are now more selected and attuned to our new reality. We begin to find those who are brothers on the same path, not only because of the similarity of what they are living but also, in some cases, because they are souls of the same grouping. For the first time we begin to feel the energy of the Soul express itself through us, and with it come states of peace, harmony, and true silence, not yet permanently, something that will only happen with the Third Initiation, but in small doses that will help us tune with these inner realities. In some cases, we may even have sporadic contact with the Hierarchy. It is a period of many discoveries, of the awakening to hidden realities. This initiation is like a safe haven, a glimpse of future states of consciousness where all this will be lived fully and permanently, but for now, it is only lived intermittently. There we strengthen ourselves, preparing for the aridity of the second initiation.

The Second Initiation is known as the crossing of the desert, or also as the dark night of the Soul. Jesus received this initiation with baptism, after which he was taken into the desert where he remained for forty days. After the lightness, the tranquility, the peace with which we lived the whole process of the First Initiation, we now enter the desert where all this is taken away from us. We no longer feel our Soul, we no longer have contact with the Hierarchy; that peace that permeated some moments of our life disappears, and we find ourselves abandoned in the middle of the desert, without any kind of reference. It is the most challenging test, where we can only count on Faith and nothing else. There, in this desert, we are confronted with the anti-evolutionary forces within us, with those ancient nodes that need to be transmuted so that we can truly become an initiate. If in the First Initiation the inner water was clean in the Second Initiation the mud from the bottom of the tank, which was not stirred in the previous initiation, allowing us to live the contact with our internal planes purely and without interference, is now stirred in the Second Initiation muddying these waters with all this ancestral weight that we carry along incarnations. No one can become an initiate and, therefore, a true servant of the evolutionary plan, with all that mud on our shoulders. The Second Initiation allows us to transmute all these old records and thereby achieve true freedom. It is not an easy process. We feel abandoned by God, lost, and betrayed. It may even seem to our eyes that we are retreating in our evolutionary process, because if we were a peaceful, harmonious, and caring person in the previous initiation, how to justify the growing restlessness, outbursts of anger, and harsh words? Many cannot resist the revolt about their situation and become easy targets for the anti-evolutionary forces that will tempt them in every way possible as they have done with Jesus in the desert. Here we must persist in our Faith and not let ourselves be seduced by the offerings these forces make us, nor let ourselves be impressed by those rudest aspects of our ego that begin to surface so that they can be transmuted. It is there in the middle of the desert that we contact the nucleus of an ancestral pain that has long cried for healing. It is the opportunity that the universe gives us to free ourselves definitively from all those ancient records and with this to release tons of accumulated karma from our shoulders. This initiation is only experienced by those who are destined to become incarnate prolongations of Hierarchies. Most will remain in the first initiation because they might not be able to endure this crossing. And since this could cause them to be lost in the desert, the Hierarchy retains many persons in the process of the first initiation, where they will be of much use to the evolutionary plane in this present planetary transition, though not with the same attunement and security of the ones who have gone through the desert and reach the other side.

The Third Initiation is an extension of the first, but now everything is lived stably and permanently. It corresponds to the transfiguration of Jesus where he comes into direct contact with his Hierarchical regency, becoming an extension of it. With this initiation, we are accepted by the Master who becomes present, and the energy of the Soul flows again through us, absorbing completely the personality that only in the next initiation will be dissolved. It is in this initiation that we truly enter at the service of the evolutionary forces, becoming a direct extension of the Hierarchy. A person who lives this process is someone who is already in total physical harmony, emotional peace, and mental silence. From here on, there is no longer how to retreat, nor can the anti-evolutionary forces distract us from our spiritual path.

The Fourth Initiation is a continuation of the second, but now it is no longer the personal karma that is being transmuted but the planetary karma. Whereas in the Second Initiation, we were confronted with our ancestral pain, in this initiation we are now in contact with the ancestral pain of mankind. It is one of the most challenging initiations. This process is usually lived in recoil; we have the need to move away from the world to live this pain internally and thereby help relieve the burden of the planet in our own bodies. With this initiation, our personality is totally dissolved, and that is why, at the end of this process, when we receive the Fifth Initiation, we disincarnate and follow the next process on other planes of consciousness. This initiation corresponds to the crucifixion of Jesus, after which, still alive, he is taken to the tomb where he remains for three days until he is disincarnated and resurrected by the Fifth Initiation with the vestments of the Light Body. There, Jesus lived the pains of the world in their earthly flesh, relieving humanity of part of their karma.

The Fifth Initiation, which is an extension of the third, and which occurs with the person disincarnated, is one of the most beautiful initiations, for it is known within the Spiritual Poetics as the Superior Marriage. When the bride, the Soul, rises from the Intuitive Plane to the Spiritual Plane and meets the bridegroom, the Monad, who descends from the Monadic Plane and both, with the vestments of the Light Body, that were woven by us throughout the incarnations, come together in a single conscious nucleus, there is this sacred union that will unify the whole vertical expression of our Self. If, however, we look at this initiation, not through the eyes of the Spiritual Poetics, which is a powerful instrument of instruction, but through the eyes of the Spiritual Science, we realize that in fact neither the Soul rises nor the Monad descends, because as stabilizers of consciousness, and therefore not being multidimensional bodies, they remain in their respective planes not moving vertically. Only the consciousness makes this vertical movement through the various dimensions and not the bodies where that consciousness was stabilized. What happens in the process of the Fifth Initiation is that these two nuclei, Soul and Monad, are dissolved and the consciousness that was anchored in them merges into the Spiritual Plane where it begins to concentrate integrally on the new body that we call the Light Body. This body, unlike the others, is a multidimensional body that will allow us to act directly and consciously in all dimensional planes. A being with the Fifth Initiation is one who can operate with complete freedom from the third to the sixth dimension, having a total mastery over matter in such a way that it can materialize a physical body if it is necessary to act on that plane, being that body dissolved when its task finishes. So it was with Jesus that from the resurrection (Fifth Initiation) to the ascension (Sixth Initiation) walked physically among his disciples. We passed from Initiate to Adept, participating actively in planetary and solar councils and acting directly with Hierarchies and Planetary Centers. This initiation corresponds to the First Solar Initiation.

The Sixth Initiation is the process leading to the higher master’s degree. It is lived by those whom we call Masters. Unlike the Fourth Initiation in which we, as an Initiate, were confronted with the pain of the planet, and of the Second Initiation in which we, as a Disciple, have to transmute our own ancestral pain, in this initiation, we, already as a Master, comes into contact with the pain of the universe and with the anti-evolutionary forces that sustain it. This initiation corresponds to the First Initiation of Sirius, which means that we will have direct contact with the regency of our Solar System and with the purest expression of the Second Ray within the Cosmic Physical Plane.

The Seventh Initiation will lead us to the unification with our divine core. This is the process of elevating the Body of Light, which until now circulated freely through the first six dimensions, to the seventh dimension where the Regent is. It is with the Seventh Initiation that all the extensions of this Regent, who have made their way in the lower dimensions, will unite in this Divine nucleus, opening the doors of the Cosmic Astral Plane where the Regent will be consecrated, later, as an Avatar. Here we are already in the domain of the Hierarchies that are formed from this initiation.

The following initiations can only be perceived synthetically.

The Eighth Initiation places us in direct contact with the Cosmic Signs, which are portals of connection between the Mother-universe and the Son-universe from which the Christs are emanations. This initiation corresponds to Orion's first initiation. It is also in this initiation that we become an Avatar, after the integral unification of all our extensions.

The Ninth Initiation is directly linked to the center of the galaxy and its Logos, and the Tenth Initiation elevates us to extra-galactic spheres, corresponding to the First Initiation of Andromeda.

The life of Jesus brings to us the initiatic matrix through which we all have to pass. With its various initiations, we perceive the path that is destined for all. From the First to the Sixth Initiation, we have the emerging of a Master, in the Seventh Initiation, we have the foundation of a Hierarchy. With the Eighth Initiation, this Hierarchy, named Samana, comes into contact with the Cosmic Signs, receiving the first initiation of Orion. With the Ninth Initiation, the present one, the contact with the center of the galaxy is made, being today Samana a direct filament of that Logos. And since the Galactic Logos is an entity that operates directly on the Cosmic Monadic Plane, that is to say in the Father-universe, where the Central Celestial Government is, then we can say that Samana, who while Jesus, one of its nuclei, was a filament of the Son, is today a direct extension of the Father.

This path which was opened to us by Jesus and which today is supported by Samana is there for all. It is the way of the reunion with our essence in its different dimensions. It is the way back to the Father's house that we have never left in essence, but from which, through the need of transubstantiating cosmic matter, we had descended over the multiple dimensions of the vertical universe, embodying the temporal spheres of the Mother-universe. One day this universe will be reintegrated into the Son-universe, just as the personality is reintegrated into the Soul. And one day, from those cosmic days that are eons for us, the Son-universe and the Father-universe will be unified into a single conscious nucleus. Then, finally, the Trinity will become One, and the Cosmos as a whole will be consecrated before the altar of the Supreme Being from Whom we have no information nor words to describe.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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