Let's Be Trees

How can we end duality and continue living in the world? How to make the game of good and evil, right and wrong, definitely finish in us?

While I was asking this question, the image that came to me was that of a tree.

The tree is planted in its own roots. It does not wander around looking for food and the energy it needs to live. It simply establishes its roots in the earth and opens its leaves to the sky, and all that it needs is there, with nothing to look for.

For our tree, there are no paths to follow, no stories to create... And despite its immense shadow cast at its feet, there is no desire to offer this shadow to those who need it. And in spite of its sweet and nourishing fruits, there is no desire to give it to men for them to be healthy... our tree, in a humble and despoiled way, simply expresses its nature and, through that nature, the shadow will always be available to those who need it, and the fruits will always be there ready to serve those who need them.

For our tree, only that moment is real. Men pass by, and the tree does not call them, does not go after them to impose its presence ... it is simply there, totally surrender to the present moment. And when men come and sit in their shadow, and immense joy will flow through its veins as a result of this certainty that everything is in its exact place, without attachment or desire that it stays like that forever. And after men leave, and go away, our tree will continue to be the same tree, with roots deep in the earth and leaves thrown in the sky. And when men come and bear their fruits, that same joy will flow from the service rendered, without attachment, nor desire, nor the will that these fruits can help to heal the wounds of these men because our tree only expresses its nature and the fruits of that nature belong to everyone. And when our tree receives the carbon dioxide that men expel and convert it into oxygen, it will not do it thinking of men, nor of the good deeds being practiced, but will do it simply because that's the way a tree breaths.

And one day, when from its trunks seeds will be dropped ready to flourish, there will be no desire in our tree for them to fall on the earth and germinate in new trees, for it will be the wind that will determine the rhythm of this sowing; who will throw these seeds through the air, leading them to places that the eye of our tree will not even reach. If our tree wanted to impose its own rhythm, and in the desire to see these seeds bloom, shook the trunks, all the seeds would fall at its feet, and the trees that would grow from there would suffocate our tree. It is the wind that determines the right time for the seeds to release themselves, and it is that same wind that will lead those seeds to the place they have to reach. Our tree will limit itself to contemplate the magic of life without interfering with its own cycles and rhythms, remaining firm in its roots and light in its branches that bend smoothly into the wind, without rigidity, even when this wind turns into storms. And in this dance, in that melody left by the fragrance that Life reveals through its presence, nothing will remain but Peace.

And it is in this Peace that all duality will fall apart.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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