The Path of The Disciple

The path of the disciple, as it has been referred to throughout the decades in all the esoteric tradition that comes from Blavatsky, has always been a narrow trail. A trail of many trials in which this same disciple was tested in his faith, surrender, and aspiration until he met his Master and integrated with him. The desert is not just a biblical metaphor where Jesus was tempted by his own desires to cleanse himself from all of them and take on the task that was his to fulfill, but also an inner reality that we all must unfold and understand. To be in this desert is to be in the solitude of an ancestral pain that we carry from many incarnations, and that needs to be cured. But this is a solitary process, as much as we are accompanied silently by other dimensions.

It is certainly not easy for the disciple, the one who aspires to be a server of the evolutionary process, to confront himself with the reports of abundant and luxuriant oases of Peace, when only the hot desert sands, the dryness of the landscape, and the discomfort of a walk without apparent course, presents itself to him.

But that’s our proof. To be able to believe that by the persistence of our steps, no matter how much they bury themselves in these hot sands, the oases will finally appear before us, is the key to being able to transmute all this ancestral load that we carry.

Let us look at ourselves with compassion and realize how much has already been transformed. Are we the same today as we were one, two, or five years ago? Despite all the difficulties, and due to these same difficulties, how many transformations were operated in ourselves? There is a maturity that we did not have and a much broader awareness of the reality that we did not know.

When we entered that desert, we were full of expectations. We were told that on the other side, we would find Peace. And then, in the enthusiasm that filled us, we loaded the backpack and prepared numerous meals for the crossing, various water bowls, one more book, and a compass so we would not get lost, and this and that… We went into the desert loaded with all the civilizational burden.

Of course, as we walked all this was weighing on our backs. We read the book that spoke of Peace, but our feet peeled with the heat of the sand, bleeding. And we become confused and insecure about our destiny. Was it all an illusion? Had we been deceived by those who said that on the other side of the desert was Peace?

Along the way, we forgot all these things. The pursuit of the oasis was no longer important but to seek some comfort in this walk, living that specific moment and not what the horizon reserved for us. And then on one of those cold nights, we picked up the book that spoke about Peace and tore its pages to light a fire that would warm us. Never that book served so well! It was undoubtedly one of the best nights in the desert for the comfort of the flames and the heat of the embers. And that's how we get rid of all this civilizational junk. The backpack was emptied until we forgot the walk itself and concentrated only on the next step to be given. Being stuck in the idea of this oasis of Peace that is far away on the horizon is undoubtedly one of the biggest obstacles for this Peace to reveal itself.

It is only when our ego is completely naked in this desert that the oasis will emerge before us, not on the horizon - for the oasis that appears on the horizon may well be just beautiful mirages - but in the center of our heart.

There, in the middle of the desert, completely naked, without luggage, without food, without water, without books and compasses, an oasis of Peace will become present and from inside, will begin to transform that same desert. Around us, where until then there was only sand, vegetation will start to rise, a stream of crystalline water will sprout from the ground and rip the landscape; everywhere the lilies will awaken from a long sleep. Everything will become that Peace once sought and then forgotten and denied.

Nothing was found.

Peace cannot be sought; it is Peace that finds us when we are receptive and ready to receive it. And that is why there are no techniques to be taught, but only the profound and unequivocal certainty that deep in our hearts, lies a seed that awaits the right moment to rise. And like all seeds, this one also needs the ground to be cleaned and prepared for the abundant harvest that will consecrate us as the Divine beings that we never ceased to be.

The key lies in faith, which is this absolute certainty that everything is at its exact point of reality and that in the right moment, everything will be consummated according to a greater Will. It also lies in surrender, which means putting everything in the hands of that same Will and accepting the trials and difficulties with Joy, because it is the ground that is being prepared for the emergence of that seed. And finally, it lies in the aspiration that, unlike desire where we sought things for ourselves, seeks unconditional donation to the Divine. I aspire to a condition because I give myself entirely to this condition and not because I desire it for myself.

And when this desert becomes an oasis because out of our hearts flowed Life and Peace, the disciple will cease to be and with his radiation will attract many others on the same path to a deep and liberating healing. He is now the other side of the desert for those who begin their journey, not to be found by them, but to them, in a silent, impersonal, and compassionate way, he may give the Peace which has awakened in himself, so in each one, their own Peace may be manifested.

There are, therefore, no techniques or formulas that can be taught, but only the certainty that will be so, because it is so.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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