Releasing Pain

This emptiness that touches us whenever the Soul presents itself in the face of pain, smiling at us as perceiving the benign action of this great alchemist who transforms everything, is the greatest grace that a being can receive, for there is the healing of all his past and the final redemption that will consecrate him on the altar of Love.

So often we flee away from this emptiness, trying to fill it with everything we find around us, and, with this, we numb this pain that should not be ignored, but felt in all its presence, respected in its space and time, so that it can sprout the new fruits.

Pain, this deeply sacred alchemist, a constant presence in so many incarnations - accumulated in the memories that the Soul has recorded in his many experiences – asks only that we have the courage to look into their eyes, in a compassionate and loving way, so that in this same love, this pain could express everything in the last cry, and free itself from this ancient prison.

And then our true rescue will happen when from the dust of the cycles that old pain rises, praising that look that accepted her, that cried beside her side and that, in one last embrace, released her, releasing itself.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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