Let it Flow

Many of us feel, in the deepest of our beings, an urgency, an existential necessity to correct the world, to heal the wounds of a civilization forgotten of itself, far from the greater purposes intended for it. An urgency that becomes increasingly present in all those who have made a commitment to humanity. The commitment to walk with an open heart before the blind eyes of those who only believe in what they can touch, showing them that this touch is deeper, vaster; that touching with the heart is to feel the unity of all things in the transmutation force of that higher energy that we call LOVE.

But this urgency leaves us uneasy, confused about which way to follow. How can we be sure that we walk the path to our destination? That all lived experiences will lead us to the right moment, to the exact task, to the place that corresponds to us in a Major Plan of which we are an essential element? The answer is simple and sums up, as if it were a mantra, in the following phrase: "Let It Flow". The effect of these words should be magic for us, bringing, with the simple act of pronouncing them, PEACE.

If today we are in this place where we perceive ourselves, if by mysterious ways we were given the possibility to find important people in our lives, to live unexpected and regenerating moments of stagnant energies in us, it is because that same flow took us there. No mental stratagem, no plan, as elaborate as it may be, could have led us to the destiny we are bound to fulfill, because if it were so, this would be in the hands of the personality and not of the Soul.

The personality is like a person lost in a maze, thinking it knows every corner and every corridor and where, for its own despair, if it is aware of it, continually repeats the same mistakes, passing through the same places, stumbling over and over the same obstacles, beating endless times with the head in the same dead ends, in a painful experience repeated in the illusion of those who think they know where they walk. Well, they don’t! The more the personality seeks, the more lost it gets in this entanglement of corridors. Only when it ceases to seek and deliver this guidance to the Soul which, over the maze, sees all the ways, is that, finally, in a sweet flow of those who are led by wiser hands, the personality will find the path of its destiny.

Wasn’t this flowing, without apparent course, which, like a leaf on the waters of a river, led us to the place where we are? Shouldn’t we, once again, rely on these wise hands who know precisely the task we have to accomplish? Who knows the right space and time of this continuous experience in the gaze of those, who even before incarnating, everything could testify of a path by themselves predestined and chosen? Why the anxiety, then? Why the doubt and uncertainty that often settles? Don’t we walk the path of an existence that we dedicated to God, of a mission in which we decided to help humanity in these difficult times? If we give ourselves to the Highest, what to fear? Didn’t we self-convoke to a task that we assume before our Brothers even before incarnating, proposing to help in the spiritual elevation of those who share this planet with us? So repeat with me this simple phrase: "Let it Flow". Let the stream of this immense river lead us to the cove of the destiny which it is our duty to fulfill, without wishing to reach any of the banks, because if we do, we shall be bound to these banks; trapped in the muddy puddles from which we will hardly leave.

"Let it Flow" is not inertia, but readiness. And it is not inertia because we know that a wiser hand leads us. "Let it Flow" is like a firefighter in the barracks, ready to run in any situation if the siren rings but, while waiting, simply lets the time run smoothly, in the tranquility of those who know that they are at the service of a greater cause. If not so, and he left the barracks for not having endured the silence and waiting, following other ways, the siren would ring and he would not be ready to act. But if he stays in the barracks, even if he does not know the task that will be assigned to him when the siren ring he will be ready and everything will be put aside so he could fulfill his destiny.

While waiting, however, its only words are: "Let it Flow". And this is the direct path to PEACE.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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