Contrary to what the collective mind of the present civilization can define as service, to serve is not to do things, it is not to help blinded by the human will and the instituted ideas about how this will should be directed or applied. And just look at the world where we live and observe the sad scenario that results from that same will.

To serve is simply to radiate to this dimensional plane the inner Light of the Soul, being this flow of energy, the real expression of what is true service. A shepherd on top of a mountain guarding his sheep may be much closer to that energy of service than someone at the foot of that hill building a spiritual center.

We must, therefore, eliminate from our mind any preconceived idea of what it is to serve, how to serve, for none of this, without this Inward flow of pure radiation, is service, but only the result, so often, of an ego-driven action that seeks protagonism and recognition, even if disguised of other things.

It is to the extent and to the degree to which we detach ourselves from the idea of serving and how to serve, that this energy will begin to flow through us, reaching out to others at the exact point where they truly need to be helped. Any mental structure about what the service should be is, therefore, an obstacle to this irradiation of Light, blocking the right task that it is incumbent upon us to fulfill.

It reminds me of this person who, judging that his service was to directly aid those who were hungry, gave up everything to give himself to this task, ignoring, however, that his service was just farming the land to produce food that would, later on, help these same people. Not only did he not fulfill his function, because he had let himself be carried away by what his mind thought was service, but also prevented the one whose task was to help these poor people to do so since someone had taken his place wrongly. And so, not only did he not help them, because there was no food to feed them, as his whole process was blocked, preventing that energy of Pure Love, which the other person would have radiated in the service to these people, could flow, healing them from the deep sickness that has entangled in the bosom of this humanity and that goes far beyond hunger and misery.

Only when we all realize that serving is not doing this or that, being here or there, but rather being a channel for this energy to flow into the world, only then we will become servers of the Evolutionary Plan. Until then, we are just beings of goodwill, implementing ideas, and seeking solutions to problems that are beyond our three-dimensional forces. It will only be through Love, that flow of Energy that comes from the planes beyond the mind, that humanity will be cured of the disease that torments it.

And all this is to be lived in a simple way, since it is in the silence of our gestures that this energy will reach others, in such a way that those who will receive it will not realize what has happened to them.

It must also be lived in a detached way because the results of this service do not concern us or should hold us in the vanity that so often settles in us.

And finally, it should be lived in an impersonal way, because our Essence seeks to help everyone and not just those who are closer or who have more material needs. The true disease that plagues this civilization touches everyone and to everyone that energy should come.

To seek this inner contact before any step is taken is to place ourselves in the wise hands of that Presence of Fire that we are in the Higher planes of existence and let its wisdom lead us to where we truly have to be.

To serve is, therefore, to radiate Love for all. To serve is flowing with our inner energy without feeding expectations about the tasks and external functions to implement and without wanting to direct that energy to where our mind may judge most appropriate. To do so is to block the process itself since it must be this energy to lead us as the internal expression of our true identity and not the other way around.

Let us, therefore, seek this inner contact within the simplicity of our daily life, and everything else will flow with the long-established Plan of our Soul. When we least expect it, and without anything external to denounce it, we will find ourselves within the energy of the service performing the task that corresponds to us, and that is the greatest Joy that a person can experience in this world.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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