Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is like pollen thrown into the wind, without a destination, allowing the flow of wind to redirect it where it is necessary. The plant from which it emanated will never know the place of its landing or the consequences of its action, nor will it know the new plants fertilized by it. From itself, it is only asked to open and surrender, so that this pollen can express freely, fulfilling its function.

So is Unconditional Love. It releases itself from us by the will of our Soul and follows the paths of its destiny without us being able to guide it. It is useless to attempt to understand it, for Love does not reside in the mind, nor does this mind have a way to reach it because everything that the mind can say or think about it will always be nothing in the face of its unlimited and transcendent nature.

To realize what this Love truly means is to forget it, for the thought holds it back and prevents it from letting go, just like the pollen that fertilizes everything. Let us not put a leash on it or try to guess or predestinate his actions. May we release and surrender the process into the hands of Life, in simplicity and full acceptance, so that like petals open to the sun, this pollen, which is pure Love, may be led by the winds of the Spirit and carried where necessary.

We do not learn how to Love, from this love that has no boundaries. We cannot understand it, and if we try we will close our Heart, and from a closed plant, no pollen can sprout.

Unconditional Love is that soft breath left by the Soul that has no meaning in the concepts of the mind, so its analyzes are irrelevant. It also has no theoretical or analytical body and, therefore, all the conversations, studies, courses, therapies, or other things that are done to enable this Love to manifest itself are inconsequential. Love is free, it uses us as portals, following its own path so it can continue to fertilize the hearts of Men.

Would you like to be able to manifest Unconditional Love?

Then you must forget it in your mind, so that you may live it in your heart, for it will be from this forgetfulness that the flower will open into the sun without fear of losing its treasure.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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