In Silence I Am

In Silence, I find the Sound that always sounded without me hearing it; the one that echoes inside the womb of my Soul as the voice of eternity bent over time.

In Silence, I cannot find the far or near, for everything is this single moment. There, life falls apart in a creative act of pure Love, allowing me to reach the edges of my Spirit without ever touching it, for its skin is inside and touches me like a mother's caress on the serene face of the sleeping child.

In Silence, we all speak a single language, without dialects or alphabets, and there all knowledge is diluted in the presence of Love whose fragrance is Freedom.

In Silence, I am without masks, naked and stripped, equal to all and in all present by the continuity of the one Sound.

And when one day I wake up in that silence, empty of all the characters, I will contemplate the human drama with a compassionate smile that will consume everything like waking from a dream and be thankful for being Alive.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World
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