A New Vision of Karma

In the antechambers of time, still echoes the yes that we all pronounced when we were asked if we were willing to serve on this planet. From different cosmic abodes, from different quadrants of this Mother Universe, legions of beings have come here with the task of assisting in the elevation of this system to an electrical and non-fricative dimension, allowing the Kundalini of the Planetary Logos to rise from its Solar Plexus, where it is currently polarized, to the Heart Chakra where it will stabilize after the coming changes.

Yes, because when it is said that this planet is vivified by a Consciousness of a Logos, what it is actually being said is that the Twelve-Dimensional Earths are vivified by It, each being the symbolic representation of the chakra system of Man itself. Third dimension Humanity is thus an expression of the energy of the Third Logoic Chakra, moving today, the consciousness of Man, to the attunement with the energy of the Logoic Heart Chakra where it will be polarized with the new dimensional expression of the planet: the so-called New Earth.

When we arrived here, we were given a task, a specific function within the plan that the Hierarchy delineated and of which we are a part of an immense Cosmic Gear. This task, this hidden function that is ours to manifest, is the true reason for our incarnation.

It is necessary, for this very reason, to look at karma through the real eyes of those who do not belong to this evolutionary system and have sacrificed to this as a way to allow the Ascension of the planet.

As servers of the Plan, none of us belong to this Earth-Universe. This is not our home: the place where we incarnated for the first time as we leave the upper levels of Life. We are on this planet to Serve, and as such, our entire reincarnation process has been directed to that One Purpose.

As we self-convened to help planet Earth make an evolutionary leap, we were given the task we were called upon to play during this moment of transition. This task is the one that we are destined to fulfill in this incarnation.

We did not come to this planet to live the incarnation of the king, the beggar, the priest, the knight, the teacher, and the apprentice ... We did not come to experience hatred, selfishness, envy, and overcoming all through various virtues ... We did not come to know what it is to be poor and what it is to be rich, to love and be loved, to fight and pacify ... No! We come to this one life; the one we are living today, and that is the reason for our entire earthly experience.

But for the actor to play his part in the play to which he belongs, he has to prepare himself over months of rehearsals that are nothing more than our entire reincarnation process on this planet.

And what about Karma? What is Karma for these servers?

Karma is this long rehearsal of a play whose function is to prepare the actors for the Great Premiere. Nothing more than this! All the lives we had were just that: a long preparation for today's incarnation.

Look at the responsibility and the importance of all that we are living now ... May we have this Consciousness present and let us appreciate every moment, every breath of this life, for these moments are made of gold.

And just as the rehearsals of a play do not condition the written words of the author, all the experiences we had will also not change the “words” of what we have to do today as servers.

Within linear time, we say that our past lives have been written one by one, in chronological sequence, and this writing was conditioned by the actions practiced previously. This is the traditional view of karma. But we are not here to serve linear time, which is an illusion. In fact, the first life to be written was this one, the one we are living today. And it was from what was written for this present life, that everything else happened backward in order to allow us to arrive here with the necessary instruments to fulfill our task.

Karma thus works backward and not forward ... It exists for a well-defined purpose and not as a result of the arbitrariness of human choices. A server has nothing to choose from, although he may still be plunged into the illusion of thinking that way because he has lived that experience elsewhere in the universe. This servers simply fulfills the reincarnation cycles, delineated into the exact geometry of the cosmic program.

In order to fulfill our function in this moment of planetary transition, it was necessary to prepare working instruments for this fulfillment. It was because of this need, of what was essential for the fulfillment of the task, that all our past lives existed and that our whole karma was generated.

It is wrong for a server to say that a specific difficulty in its three-dimensional structure is due to karma created in a past life and, therefore, a fatality that he has to accept until it is solved. No! It was necessary for the development of his task that his three-dimensional structure was conditioned by these difficulties, and because of that, his karma was generated in the past.

Everything exists according to what we are living today. Everything was experienced so that when we awakened to our function as servers, we had all the instruments in our hands, and as these instruments have to be forged in the dimension where the service happens, it was necessary for this long reincarnate process for molding the equipment that we will finally use.

The rehearsal is finally over. The curtain has been lifted, and the audience watches us. The time has come to let our Art flow on the stage of this world and delight the audience thirsty for an unknown freshness. Let the New Earth manifest itself through our representation because that’s what we have prepared ourselves for thousands of years of accumulated experience.

In fact, this one is our only true incarnation on this planet.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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