The Mirror Function

In the cosmos, communication is made by what is known as the mirror system, which allows energy to flow without distortion, immaculate, maintaining its timbre and its programmatic and archetypal note. Whether it is a planet, a solar system, a galaxy, or the cosmos as a whole, this system is the equilibrium point of the universe itself. It is the guarantee that the Voice of the Divine is heard in every corner of its manifestation. All other communication systems are fallible and likely to be interfered with by anti-evolution forces, but not the mirror system. It is for this reason that the Hierarchy only uses this system for its communications.

Mirrors work on supra-mental dimensions, so, there is no way that interferences from lower dimensions can contaminate communication. It is performed from one heart to another, be it the heart of the Galaxy or a human being.

On planet Earth there are several of these mirrors of cosmic amplitude, which we know as Intra-terrestrials centers and which, in reality, are nothing more than valves that measure the will of the Divine, diffracting that will in the necessary colors for the fulfillment of the planetary program.

In addition to these larger mirrors, there are the smaller ones that can, in many cases and in increasing numbers, be incarnate persons who will be active parts of this same program.

Among the several monadic lineages currently stabilized in our planetary system, there is one very specific that is the Lineage of Mirrors. A person that is being formed to be a Mirror is a reflector of the Divine Will for its environment and, from that reflection, a direct conductor from a larger heart to a smaller one.

This is one of the most challenging lineages to be stabilized in a human being since it implies that each person is fully surrendered to the Greater Will. A Mirror does not put anything of its own in that which radiates, does not redirects, or manipulate, it only reflects without mentally occupying itself with what is being reflected. It is an instrument so that each person can directly contact its Hierarchical essence or regency.

A Mirror being is someone who has the capacity, through its own presence, to send to each individual what that individual needs to receive, in the exact dose. The process does not even go through the Mirror conscious because he just reflects. That is why this is one of the most challenging lineages to be stabilized since we all have this human tendency to appropriate ourselves from what does not belong to us.

If a Mirror is not faithful to its lineage and if it places itself as the emitter, passing on to others the idea that what is being emitted comes from him, not only will he be creating for himself tremendous karma, but also will involve the receivers within a hypnotic capsule from which they can barely get out.

If I enter a room where a Mirror is present and if this Mirror is not faithful to its function, the wave of Love that I will receive, and which will be mixed with the personal magnetism of that Mirror, will immediately bind me to him making me believe that he is the emitter of this wave. But this Love that I received did not come from that person as an individual, as he wants us to believe, but came through him as a mirror. And this is the problem, because it will be so easy to be misled by this person, to be delighted with the Love that we thought came from him, when in fact that Love we felt came from our own Soul that was reflected in the mirror he is as a function.

And if we understand that every black magician was once a mirror who lost himself, appropriating this function for his own benefit, we quickly perceived the power that is at stake in this type of behavior because, as I mentioned, there will be more and more mirrors being formatted and it is hoped, for the good of all, that many of them will be able to stabilize this function to act as mirrors fully consecrated and obedient to the will of the Divine.

A mirror fully formed and aligned with that Will, does not put anything of himself in what he emits, and so the energy is not mixed with his magnetism, allowing each person to receive the Love of his own Soul or Hierarchy with no interference. And this will happen in such a way that the person that receives this wave of Love will not even realize that it was that particular mirror that allowed this contact to happen. The mirror itself, if it is not corrupted, will also do anything to make that person realize that it was him, as a mirror, that allowed that contact.  Everything is done in the silence of those who want nothing for themselves.

It is crucial in today's times that we be totally aware of how this process works, as more and more Mirrors are being formed. That we may understand, especially if the Mirror function is corrupted in the one who emits, that the wave of Love we receive does not come from the mirror as a person, even if it is mixed with its magnetism, but that it comes from our own Soul that is reflected in that mirror. Also, those who perceive themselves in the Lineage of Mirrors may understand that they must never put anything personal into the process that could contaminate this function; that they, as a Mirror, only reflect.

And if I have brought this reflection today it is because all this is very sacred... there is no longer much time - for these are the times - to continue to maculate the gifts given to us by Heaven.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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