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There is a place in the world where silence can almost be touched, where the wind carries the fragrances of our soul that we can feel like a mother's caress that comforts us. A place where the primordial sound is present in the center of our chest and the luminosity of the sky and earth gain sacred and timeless contours.

The Mystery of the Cross and Deep Alchemy

Many times, indeed, we have all wondered about the meaning of Life. After all, why is there a manifested universe if outside it dwells perfection and totality? What is the reason for our deep essence to project itself into Monads and Souls in order to descend into the dual worlds if, in these worlds, there is nothing that can add or subtract anything to that very essence? After all, what is all this experience for?

A New Perspective on the EGO

We learn to look at the Ego as an enemy. Many spiritual practices place it as the target to be shot down, the reason that prevents us from evolving, the obstacle between the Divine and us. But, in fact, if it were not for the Ego, we would not even be able to be incarnated living this profoundly sacred experience. Perhaps angels and archangels could walk here, but they do not feel the world and have no way of alchemizing it, so they are useless without the existence of the dual realities and their multiple humanities.

The Stones of the Path

Once a pilgrim arrived in a lost village in a valley surrounded by high mountains. As he walked along the slope of a hill, he observed some stones on his way and realized, in a way that was difficult to explain, that he had to take each of those stones and carry them to the top of the hill. And so it was. Every day he would look for stones, many of them covered by vegetation, and take them to the top of that hill where he would gather them in one place. It was a painful task, hard by fatigue, but at no time did he doubt what Life asked of him, giving himself entirely to that task.

The Initiatic Path

When our consciousness left the upper levels of the universe and bent over the temporal spheres, casting itself into this cosmic adventure that is the incarnation, it did so by stabilizing its light on different dimensional planes, using bodies of differentiated matter. Thus, were created the Monads, the Souls, and all the physical structures necessary for that incarnation. These bodies, which I call consciousness stabilizers, have allowed this same consciousness, stabilized in the respective plane, to be present and operate on that same plane.

Divine Mother

Isabel saw herself inside an amphitheater where many beings were facing a circular stage. A Feminine Being was sitting down there. She had a veil covering her eyes, which reminded Isabel of “The Mother of the World” painting by Nicholas Roerich, whom she felt deeply connected with, for it was as if this painting had been painted from that image. She realized then that she was in front of the energy of the Great Mother, and that the symbolism of the veil covering her eyes had an occult meaning because the Mother does not need to see their children, for she lives inside them. It was then that She spoke:

In Silence I Am

In Silence, I find the Sound that always sounded without me hearing it; the one that echoes inside the womb of my Soul as the voice of eternity bent over time.

Let's Be Trees

How can we end duality and continue living in the world? How to make the game of good and evil, right and wrong, definitely finish in us?

While I was asking this question, the image that came to me was that of a tree.

The tree is planted in its own roots. It does not wander around looking for food and the energy it needs to live. It simply establishes its roots in the earth and opens its leaves to the sky, and all that it needs is there, with nothing to look for.

Straw Suits, Golden Hearts

A golden heart can only rely on the simplicity of the straw; this was the material that covered the little boy's cradle. This is also the image of what we must all become.

In the life of Jesus, there is an inner codification for today's times. It is not, therefore, only a historical narrative, but the programmatic matrix for the present planetary dispensation.

That narrative encodes in itself all that we are living individually and collectively in this period of the history of mankind and not only the historical facts of Jesus' life and the context in which they unfolded.


A new look is needed on this topic. A new understanding needs to anchor in us so that we can be aware of the real meaning of the ascension process.

In fact, no one actually ascends. This is one of the many illusions in which we are immersed. And no one ascends because we are already fully Divine. To where do we want to ascend, anyway? We are already, as Essence, at the highest peak of the Vertical Universe. We are One with the Divine. We are God Itself within time, fulfilling part of a task that witch its only function is the elevation of universal substance into the Center that gave it expression.

The True Liberty

Life is made of choices, and in every instant, we have to consider what is really important and essential for our journey in this world.

We can choose the beautiful fireworks that dazzle us but which, from so ephemeral, soon disappear without our hands even touching them, or we can choose the seeds that are thrown to the earth and of which we do not have news for some time, but that one day will become sturdy trees from which the fruits that will nourish us will spring forth.


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