The Silence

Silence is the deep and immaculate note of our original state. It is the Voice of eternity bent over time; a sweet murmur that God whispers in our ears. It is a soft fragrance of the Soul that fills the emptiness where everything is manifested. A sacred aroma that opens in our hearts the necessary space so that we can hear the Inner Voice... the one that tells us about the True Self that we are and the home we never left.

To experience silence is to seek in us the face of God, that expression of Fire that we truly are. There, all the forces that control the three-dimensional planes are suspended, awakening a state of deep stillness where nothing unreal can penetrate. In this Living Temple of Pure Light in which we are transformed, nothing will remain but the reality of our true Self. Silence is the antechamber of contact with the Divine in us, with the truth beyond all illusions.

To be silent, however, is much more than the absence of words. It is a state of consciousness that manifests itself in every gesture, in every attitude, and in every moment of our temporal existence. May we, therefore, understand that the words, or their absence, have nothing to do with silence. We can speak and at the same time be silent, and this will happen whenever words do not tear the surrounding ether, but if, on the contrary, they ripple with that ether in harmony, reflecting a state of deep Peace, with which they are emitted. Speaking in silence is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts that we can offer to the world, such as the noise produced by this civilization.

However, this silence is not only to be manifested in the sphericity of words but also in the sweetness of our gestures, in the quality of our thoughts, in the awareness of our actions, covering everything with the Peace resulting from our unconditional surrender to Life.

To be in silence is, for this very reason, to be in deep harmony with the essence of our Being. It is to emit a spherical and crystalline note, where no edge is present. A Silent Being is a Living Temple, an expression of the face of God within matter.

Cultivating silence is the first step toward the revelation, in the three-dimensional substance, of the Cosmic Fire of the Spirit. Silence is, in short, the Voice of the Eternal Presence.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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