A New Perspective on the EGO

We learn to look at the Ego as an enemy. Many spiritual practices place it as the target to be shot down, the reason that prevents us from evolving, the obstacle between the Divine and us. But, in fact, if it were not for the Ego, we would not even be able to be incarnated living this profoundly sacred experience. Perhaps angels and archangels could walk here, but they do not feel the world and have no way of alchemizing it, so they are useless without the existence of the dual realities and their multiple humanities.

The Ego is the thread that links all our incarnations. It is the link that unites us to all the past experiences as the cement necessary to build the Temple within which the Soul will shine one day. It is the basis from which all our incarnation is structured, for without an Ego, there would be no experience in the material world at all. That is the reason for the Fall of Man, without which we would have no way to make the synthesis of Heaven with Earth and allow the planet to ascend to higher dimensions. 

The process, therefore, is not to get rid of the Ego, but to transform the raw stone into a crystal, in a way that when the Soul presents itself and begins to live through that Ego, this Ego can become translucent and allow the light of that Soul to shine integrally and fully until the Monad, at its right time, can undo the walls of the Temple and become the only operative reality, offering that Ego as a consecrated host. Because, if by magic arts, we were able to undo the Ego, still far from our innermost nuclei, I assure you that the next day we would wake up in the nearest asylum totally incapable of operating in the world. 

The Ego is one of the most genuine expressions of material life and unlike the deeply rooted idea that the Ego is a liar, a manipulator, who cheats to take advantage, in reality, it is the opposite. The Ego is always authentic, direct, and raw; it does not lie, it does not deceive, it does not manipulate... it expresses without shame, without fear, all its selfishness, all its vanity, all its arrogance, and so many other traits, while still in its most primary phases, and that is precisely why we all end up trying to suppress it, to cover it up, to hide those same rougher traits that shame us in the eyes of others, as if they were there as a mistake of the Cosmos, and not as the natural process of the evolution of the world in its increasing transformation towards transcendence. And it is here when we deny this Ego and try to exclude it from the equation, that we fall into the trap of building a persona around this Ego. And it is at this point that we lose ourselves. 

The persona, often confused with the Ego itself, is a character created by us to hide this same Ego, to camouflage those rougher aspects that cannot be ignored, but which we so often try to hide from ourselves and from others in the illusion that they no longer exist. Well, they do. They are all there repressed under the persona. And while they are there, the evolutionary process is stagnated. And it is this persona, contrary to the Ego, who is lying, manipulative, dangerous, astute, selfish, and will do everything to maintain the farce. It is a mask that we put on our real face as operators within duality. This face is not that of the Soul, much less that of the Monad, because these nuclei have no face because they are not a "Person", they have no name, because they identify themselves by the function they represent, they do not have a place, because they are united with Totality, but the Ego does, it has a face, it has a name among many names, it has a place among many places, it is made of the clay of the world and the dust of cycles, and therefore an essential element within the alchemy of the world. 

Thus, to remove the masks in order to return to our real face, as I wrote in another text called "Releasing all Masks", is not to return to the Soul, but the Ego, and to assume once and for all the wrinkles of its face, without shame, because each one of them are there as a result of the experiences made in this world throughout the incarnations, and therefore, in each one of them, there is a deeply sacred history to be revealed, a unique, unrepeatable experience, which, despite the pain, brings us, as a result, the Consecration of this World. 

May we undress the characters we build out of shame from our Ego, and allow it to express itself in freedom just like a child, always on the watchful vigilance of our Consciousness, because it is this Consciousness, when it merges with the world, that gives meaning to Life, allowing this same Ego to be transformed from raw stone into a translucent crystal. The more we observe the Ego without repressing or hiding it, accepting it for what it is, the more this Ego fills itself with Soul, transubstantiating its rougher forms into more luminous ones. 

And when we observe this Ego expressing itself in total freedom through others who, ignorant of its presence, have the privilege of not building any persona, nor putting on any mask, let us praise that experience, for what happens there is true and sacred, genuine and pure. In due time that stone will become more translucent, rounder, softer, but until that moment arrives, let us praise the experience that is taking place there in deep reverence. 

In the end, the one who has always been hated as the villain of the story will become the true hero, the Sacred Chalice upon which the wine of the Spirit will one day be poured and without which the experience which God has reserved for this dimensional plane would not be possible. 

Therefore, let us cherish him in his rudeness, inspire him in his ignorance, appease him in his torments, and thereby help him in the polishing of his edges as he freely expresses himself on the serene and compassionate guidance of our Consciousness. Let us be like Krishna, Arjuna's coachman who leads his three horses (the personality) while Arjuna (the Ego) takes up the battle with Karna (his own shadow), consecrating himself as a hero after victory. 

And then, when anger turns into Compassion, vanity into Service, arrogance into Humility, jealousy into Deep Love, agitation into Simplicity, that hated stone can finally shine in Glory to the Supreme Being because we dared to look it in the eye in full acceptance, without fighting it, without repressing it, allowing it to cry all its pains in our lap and rescue the past in a deep healing. This healing can only happen when we undress all the characters and look in the mirror at that only face that accompanies us from the beginning, a tired and suffering face, perceiving the wounds that Life was leaving on its wrinkled skin and, through these, the deep alchemy that, silently, and far from our eyes, was transforming us and the world. 

Yes, because contrary to what we may think, the one who expresses Humility, Simplicity, Compassion, and Love, is the Ego itself after being completely transformed, and not our profound Consciousness, because this Consciousness is neutral and does not take on any color. 

When we arrived here, as Spirit, the Father placed a rough stone in our hands and said: "I offer you the most sacred thing I have. Transform it into the most perfect of crystals". This stone is our Ego, which will one day shine in Glory as the Sacred Chalice within which the Spirit sanctified by the presence of the Son will rise as a God who awakens within his creation, looking upwards from below. And only then will our most profound mission be completed. 

Deep Peace,
Pedro Elias

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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