From Channeling to Intuitive Syntonization

For a long time, the most used way for the entities of other dimensions to convey information to this three-dimensional reality was through channeling. The medium functioned as a channel for transmitting the information that needed to be passed at that moment; information to which, often, he was not internally affiliated. Although channeling, this medium did not have an internal bond to the source from which the information was coming from. He was just a passive instrument, nothing more.

Today we are no longer asked to use this type of procedure since the new times call for an evolution in the way information is transmitted from other dimensions. Channeling is an old and dangerous procedure for today's times since, by the easiness of channeling almost anything - and today the doors are all open, and the information stumbles in our feet, repeating itself to exhaustion, such the abundance of sources, whether they are received messages, written books, or even access to the akasha - we can both channel light and darkness. Today, any entity or egregore from the astral plane, with the greatest facilities, such is our thirst and our desire for information and power can easily be disguised as a multidimensional entity or a known master and transmit the most inspired words. The important thing is not the information itself, but the radiation, and this is only possible in processes of intuitive syntonization, be that syntonization with our own Soul or with our inner Master, and never through channeling.

While in channeling there is still the desire of the ego to transmit information, often by the protagonism and the visibility that it brings, in intuitive syntonization is the Master who chooses the person to pass a specific message or radiation. There is no human interference here. The person just has to be available without wanting anything. Sometimes in intuitive syntonization, the words are not necessary, only the emission of energy that is everything that truly matters. The energy that does not have the need to present itself, because its signature is that same radiation and not a name.

This syntonization process is a very special one because it means that the disciple was accepted by the Master, integrating his aura. It is no longer a passive instrument that transmits information, but an active element in union with the Master in such a way that this syntonization becomes a fusion between both. At that moment they are one, and what is being transmitted, either by word or by the emission of energy, is the result of this sacred union in which Master and disciple merge to fulfill a higher purpose. Here, there is no room for any kind of interference, since the process is internal, as opposed to channeling in which interference happens continuously, both on the part of the personality of the channel and its limitations and by entities that from the astral dimension seek protagonism and devotional energy to feed themselves, presenting, in an illusory way, to the medium in the cover of known masters.

When this internal process of union between the disciple and the Master takes place, the disciple becomes the message. While in channeling the medium can transmit spiritual information that he does not fulfill, due to many contradictions of his own personality and his ego, in intuitive syntonization this is no longer possible, because that person has just integrated the aura of the Master and therefore, he is ONE with that same Master. He is what he emits, without any distortion. And this is the true instruction.

This form of intimacy is so profound that it is no longer important for the disciple to know the name of the Master to whom he is bonded to, and this is no longer important because, in essence, everything is a single expression of Life and so there is no need for an author behind the message, but rather to stay in the energy and radiation that words, or silence, convey. By acting in this way, the disciple is removing all the astral energy, so present in channeling, from the whole process and eliminating all thought-forms and interferences around it, making it clear and pure.

Let us seek, therefore, this intimacy, this union, often held secretly without us being even aware of it, but bounded to this union by the radiation that begins to be emitted through words, actions, and silence. We are now One with the Master that we don’t know externally but internally, connected by bonds that can no longer be undone.

And this is the direct path to spiritual elevation and true instruction.

Everything else is old procedures that should not be stimulated because it holds us back to the past and enslaves us in egregores that don’t want our evolution.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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