Consciousness is the internal dimension of the being, our true identity, what we are in Essence.

A truly conscious Being is one who is in full harmony with their Soul. Therefore, this Consciousness is timeless, it is not confined to space or time, it is neither new nor old, but what it has always been.

From this perspective, the question arises in a binary way, that is, whether we are connected with that essence or not. That Consciousness is always present, as it has always been, but the distractions of the world often prevent us from perceiving it.

We live in times where the background noise is quite intense, especially inside the spiritual circles, where we can barely feel the scent of your Soul, such are the distractions. We are so fascinated by the workshops, the lectures, the knowledge, the practices, the theories, that we lose contact with that Silence within us that is the only door that can lead us to  Consciousness.

More than ever, these are times to cultivate this Silence and allow the fragrances of the Spirit to express themselves through us, naturally, in the daily tasks with which life unfolds in this dimensional plane, without escaping from anything and integrating everything. Only this contact can lead us to the transformation of the world into a new cycle of Peace and Harmony, without which we will be repeating, even though well-intentioned, the same ways and perpetuating the old model, even if transposed into new colors and brightnesses.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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