Straw Suits, Golden Hearts

A golden heart can only rely on the simplicity of the straw; this was the material that covered the little boy's cradle. This is also the image of what we must all become.

In the life of Jesus, there is an inner codification for today's times. It is not, therefore, only a historical narrative, but the programmatic matrix for the present planetary dispensation.

That narrative encodes in itself all that we are living individually and collectively in this period of the history of mankind and not only the historical facts of Jesus' life and the context in which they unfolded.

One of these coded programs is in the Baptism of Jesus.

After the many tribulations spent in the desert, of temptations, despair, loneliness, and lack of apparent purpose, Jesus left the empty and naked sands of life, where he fasted after receiving the baptism and launched himself on his mission. It was John the Baptist who prepared the way, anticipating the coming of the one who would assume the planetary task of rescuing the whole program destined for mankind. But for Jesus to grow up, John would have to diminish, for his function was only of preparation, not of execution.

One of the faces of the program that this historical event intends to express is by referring to the two waves of beings that currently fulfill this same program. John the Baptist symbolizes the people I call the First Wave, those who have awakened first to the program and who had the function of preparing the way for the people of the Second Wave, symbolized by Jesus, who will finally implement the program established for this planet.

The activation of the First Wave occurred between 1988 and 1992. With this activation, a whole new vector of work could be stabilized in this dimensional plane, and with it the preparation of what would happen later on. With this first impulse, many books were written, many lectures held, and in some cases, where the vertical connection with the Hierarchy was more pronounced, spiritual communities were created. Through the spoken and written word, a piece of whole new information was conveyed, instructing and aiding in the awakening of the Second Wave, yet nothing significant was accomplished in the world, in the same way, that John the Baptist's mission had no effect in the society of its time. Only Jesus operated that transformation.

This initial impulse that led to the activation of the First Wave was like a nuclear explosion whose effects spread through time, but slowly declined because it was not their function to carry out the purpose, but only to prepare the way.

Many of these persons from the First Wave, because they were not perfectly aligned with the program nor did their bodies fully express the highest note of their Souls, ended up distorting this initial work by trying to represent Jesus without the Baptist's death. For years they lived on the trail of that explosion of light and not in its central core that fed them and guided them on their awakening. Today, the books they write are the repetition of everything they have written, the lectures they give, the repetition of everything they have spoken, the spiritual communities, many of them, the repetition of practices already lived in the accommodation of those that stopped on the comfort of the known paths, preventing them from experience the New that needs to wake up to transform the world into a new civilization. For all of them, only death and rebirth can relaunch them in the ways of Service. This is the great test of the Baptists: to know how to diminish, to know how to abdicate the power they were given so that Jesus can awaken in them.

However, not everyone was lost in the winding pathways of the ego. Many First Wave persons knew how to overcome this test by diminishing in the presence of the Son. This diminishing, however, was not to cease to act, although, for some, it was destined the total reclusion in the desert from where Jesus left to fulfill his mission. For most, the test was simply to die to John and awaken to Jesus, letting Christ act through themselves. This would imply giving up everything that had been built up until then and being literally reborn from the ashes of the spiritualized ego.

Unlike the First Wave which has been assuming its task since 1988, the Second Wave, on the contrary, has been throughout these years in a slow awakening that took it to the desert. There, lost in this immensity of existential sand, judged abandoned by God and without a specific path to follow, they dreamed of accomplishments and realizations, of tasks and missions. Many have not been able to get around the discomfort of the success of the First Wave and all that they have done, desiring the same type of recognition. However, to their torment, nothing concrete actually happened during this period, leading them to almost despair. They look into their lives and see an immense emptiness, submerged in pain and disappointment about the ways of the world and their own ways. Occultly, however, this emptiness and pain work them deeply, secretly preparing them for service.

The great test of the Second Wave lies in faith, in the capacity to persist despite all the obstacles encountered, believing that even in the wilderness of the most inhospitable desert an oasis of abundance can emerge. All these difficulties are based on programmatic seals of connection with the conscience of Christ because only the Second Wave will be crucified by the planetary karma that it is its responsibility to redeem. Once again, the Jesus-program repeats itself, unlike the Baptist-program, has the only one with the task of redeeming this same karma and implementing the seeds of a New Earth.

These are the times when the Second Wave will finally leave the desert to fulfill its mission. Times in which Christ will awaken in the heart of thousands of beings. These are the times when the First Wave will have to decrease, as the Baptist did because this is not a cycle of preparation but execution.

However, this program also has an inner and individual face in its symbolism, for in all of us, there is a Baptist and a Jesus, and this one must reign over the first.

To diminish the Baptist in us is to silence the mental side, although often well-intentioned, of our ego; the one who instructs by using articulated and rational words, who accumulated spiritual knowledge, and developed practices and movements. When the Baptist falls, the Heart will reign.

Only then we will be able to leave the inflamed words of John before the population in the deserts of Palestine, preaching, sometimes violently, against the injustices of civilization, to assume and express the sweet and light words of Jesus on the Mount of Beatitudes that penetrates directly into our being and that nothing judges or criticizes. Instruction is no longer the central point of the all process, but the radiation of this all-pervading Love.

Having the courage to go through this death - to recognize Jesus in the waters of the Jordan and in him the one who came to reign - is to deprive ourselves from power and vanity, from pride and arrogance, and truly diminish before the presence of the Son in us and grant him the baptism, that is, to open the door and let him in.

John the Baptist is not the image of the common ego, this would be that of Herod Antipas who ordered the cut off his head, but rather the image of the spiritualized ego, much more powerful than the other one. The baptism of Jesus by John is the symbolic surrender of all that we were until then. In fact, they represent the same person.

With this baptism, we began the journey on the path of humility, recognizing that the true service is not based on all we have accumulated or that we have idealized, however spiritual it may have been, but rather the surrender of all this to the One who came to be baptized by us.

If the Baptist does not die in us, we cannot really accomplish anything in this life that is a reflection of a higher purpose, for we are trying to play a role that is not intended for us, as it was not intended for John to be crucified as Jesus was. We will end up without a head, subjugated to the powers of civilization.

Straw suits, golden hearts is the title of this text and the key to today's times. That we do not want to wear gold, for we will only have a heart of straw that nothing truly important will have to give to the world.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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