A Lotus That Opens

«In the numbness of the waters of a stagnant swamp, in the clumsiness of a cloak made of dark water, a flower rose to the surface and opened to the sunlight. In the sweetness of its delicate petals, the light found a way to penetrate into this swamp, feeding the seeds that were dormant in its core. Then, in the strength of this new Light that reached the deepest recess of this immense swamp, thousands of flowers began to sprout to the surface, channeling, through their deep roots, currents of light, and with this gesture of Love, helping in the awakening of all the others.»

Something profound is happening on our planet, not only in the physical counterpart where we are incarnated but also in the Inner Dimension of ourselves that, unified to the same Principle, makes us feel, profoundly, these changes.

We all made a commitment to the world. The commitment to sprout from the waters of the swamp in which this civilization has transformed and, like the Lotus Flower in the opening of its petals, begin to receive this Energy, channeling it, through our deep roots, into the world.

Today, many flowers bloom on the surface of this swamp and, in the eyes of those who remain in a state of seeds, they seem strange, crazy... Basically is the repetition of the allegory of Plato's Cave. It is not for us to try to convince them of the existence of this immense Sun that awaits them, but rather to channel to all, in the form of Light and Love, that energy that must be donated unconditionally.

It will be the quality of our Love that, like fertilizer thrown to the earth, will allow these seeds to become flowers, making them open to the Greater Light that has always been present within them through Life itself.

Let us not, therefore, seek justifications before others for the paths we have chosen, for the choices we have been given to live, for the enlightened and wise view of those who have understood the mystery behind existence, even though we still are not able to formalize such experience in words. It is not the theoretical explanations, the logical arguments, or the mental structures formalized in rituals so often archaic, that will make this humanity awaken, but Love. Sometimes, in the face of the skepticism of those around us, a simple smile is enough. A smile that, in the security and deep tranquility of those who have already opened to this Light, will stimulate in others that same awakening.

These are times of profound changes, as you know. Changes that will rescue this humanity from the blindness that condemned it to the deepest ignorance. And that's something we feel in the air. It is the very chirping of the birds that tell us this. It is the sound of the wind in the bending trees that announces these transformations. It is the sparking foamy of the waves in the cove and the sweet and crystalline scent of the plants that make us soak with their deep PEACE who tell us all this.

It is the very breath of this tired planet that warns us of what is to come. The planet has already understood and accepted the changes. Only humanity continues to insist on the same paths, the same mistakes, in the illusion of those who have not yet realized that this civilization has no longer a place on a planet that, like a tree in autumn, needs to strip itself of the dry leaves so that in the spring new leaves, new flowers and new fruits can sprout, rejuvenating the tree itself.

But this is to be lived with tranquility, without feeding expectations. Without letting ourselves be carried away in the extremist and fundamentalist ideologies of those who have not yet understood that the process is to happen first within us and only then will extend to the whole world. It is through the Love of those who are ready that this planet will finally be cured of the disease that torments it.

And for that, a simple smile that comes from within ourselves is enough to heal one more wound, to transform one more tear into renewed hope, to make another Lotus seed come to the surface and open itself, in the freshness of a flower that has just been born, to the Greater Light.

«And as the lotus flowers opened to the Highest Light, another flower patiently waited for them to awaken, casting over the dark waters of the swamp a sweet fragrance that pacified them. All of them noticed that the perfume was exhaled by a flower that rose on the shore, folded in soft reflections that the ripples of the swamp distorted. They were amazed! His perfume carried Innocence, Simplicity, Candor, Harmony and PEACE. And the lotus flowers approached the shore, asking in unison, "What is your name?" And the flower of the shore answered, "My name is LYS

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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