The New Family

A new way of a relationship between two beings, which together give expression to a couple, is gradually awakening in the consciousness of many, not by the emotional desire to fulfill it but by the inner note emitted by those who recognize that no other form of relationship, other than this one, can sustain and structure their existence together.

With the New Earth, new families will emerge, and new relational habits among those who will give expression to this sacred nucleus will gradually be revealed in the action and experiences manifest by many.

With the new Manking, a new society will be created in the image of this archetype that it is our task to materialize. In this archetype, we will find the internal expression of a program that was to be concretized in the past and that now, with the symbolic return of Adam and Eve to the lost paradise, will finally manifest itself on the physical dimension.

With the new family, new energies will give expression to this nucleus that will finally fulfill the stabilizing function of a whole civilizational process. This New Family will be a true celebration of Life on the physical dimension, and no longer the dragging of karmic forces into the friction generated among those who still give it expression today.

In the past - and today’s times are already that past - two aspects of human experience have always been seen as opposites and irreconcilable. On the one hand, the monastic experience, living in the reclusion of a monastery or in the isolation of a desert, on the other hand, the family experience support to the civilizational process.

In the monastic experience, deep contact with the Divine was sought, making this experience a ritual of total surrender to the absolute. In the family experience, in turn, the perpetuation of the species, customs, and ancestral habits was sought.

By the forced opposition to which these two forms of experience have always been placed, a whole Potential-Life-Purpose was yet to be revealed. For the monk, family life was an obstacle to the search for the Divine. For the couple, the monastic experience was an obstacle to their everyday life and to the experience of the many pleasures and achievements that it provided.

Today, with the awakening of Mankind, a new type of energy is available for the formation of couples that will give expression to this new paradigm. Finally - due to the maturation of many beings and the deep awareness that they are particles of a whole, complete in itself - these two energies can merge into one.

The monastic energy will be carried to the family, transforming the home into a Temple and the couple into two monks. It will be the consecration of the family that will become a truly sacred nucleus.

No more attachments will be present in the unrestrained desire to possess the other. Each one will be free in itself. Each one will be able to recognize, without effort, the space of the other without invading it, accepting this freedom with the same naturalness with which they accept the freedom of a bird.

The astral energies will be removed by the root. There will be no more space for passion, jealousy, or constant monitoring of the other fearing to lose their source of energy. They will be truly free, not being dependent on the other to find balance and Peace in themselves. Each part of the couple will be complete in itself: there is nothing to lose, nothing to gain. The relationship ceases to be a game between forces, to become the true expression of that Love-Wisdom where fricative elements are no longer present.

This couple will genuinely live as monks within a Home-Temple where the note of the two experiences will be present in the purest way. They will be beings in deep Mental Silence, Emotional Peace, and Physical Harmony. By themselves, they will be the face of the new Earth, the true expression of this new dawn that awaits us.

From the family, they will get the sharing of the same space in harmony and the communion of an entirely new experience in the smallest details. From the monk, they will get Silence, Impersonality, and Surrender. It will be a relation of constant celebration to the Absolute, not through rituals, but from the simple act of being together and united, fulfilling the sacralization of the family.

Many of us have the responsibility to give expression to this family prototypes within a transitional era, particularly the younger ones. These couples will be like islands of this awakening future, functioning as ambassadors of the New Earth: those who will perform within themselves the synthesis of these two energies seen as opposites forces until today.

The formation of these couples will be based on beings whose spiritual affinity is complementary. No more personality factors and karmic conditioning will interfere with the union of these beings, but the deep connection and ancestral affinity between the inner nuclei that will bind them forever. And this will be as much for the other member of the couple as for the children themselves. For this reason, families will be formed vertically rather than horizontally as it happens today.

In this way, there will be no differences between the physical family and the spiritual family. The children who reincarnate, members of this same spiritual family, will come to share in the physical dimension the same experience within the temporal cycle that it is up to the family to manifest in the service rendered to the Greater Plan.

Children who will come to this dimension through conscious sexuality on the part of the parents, seen as a ritual of celebration to the One Being and, therefore, something deeply sacred. No longer will this energy be dispersed in the continual nourishment of the personality forces, but in the deep harmony with the Divine, in a gesture of unconditional devotion to Life as a whole.

For the couples who will give expression to these families, their union will be seen as an act of Service to the Spiritual Plane. They are fully aware that the reason they are together is to Serve, and this will be to them a source of Stability, Joy, and Peace.

However, to all those who aspire to one day come to take this step, I say not to feed expectations that are so often the result of emotional and mental projections. In order for them to be ready to express this new Note, they must first transform themselves deeply. There is no way to give expression to these new families with the old forces and old costumes.

And just a slight desire from us for this to happen will show how much we are not prepared to take that step. These new families are not formed by any conventional human process, but by the internal architecture designed for this incarnation and, therefore, only the natural growth of our spiritual maturation will lead us to the perfect interception between these two beings within the defined plan for their lives in this dimension.

How can we want to give expression to one of these families if there are still attachments, if there is still a sense of ownership about the other, and the astral need to receive energy from the outside to feel complete? How can we want to form a sacred family if the attunement with our Soul is still intermittent? If our surrender to the Divine is still incomplete? If our awareness of service to the Spiritual Plan is still not stable and absolutely clear to our eyes?

Until this happens, there is no way to give expression to this new family, and if we try to do it by using astral or mental forces, the ones that control mankind today, we will fall into yet another of the many illusions in that we are still immersed.

Thus, before we can give expression to this new form of two beings relating as a couple, we must first work our personality in the unconditional surrender to the Divine, and only then, without any human will present, this greater encounter can happen as a natural consequence of a process that we were destined to live.

May we, then, be humble in our will, sincere in our surrender, and simple in the steps with which we tread the paths of this world. Only then can this diamond be placed in our hands, for we will no longer cling to it nor try to possess it.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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