When we assume consciously the path we have long determined, when that inner YES resonates deep in the antechamber of the Higher Self, assuming a spherical and crystalline form, all forces contrary to this movement awaken from a long drowsiness.

This synchronized awakening - since many of these forces have not been directly manifested for centuries because they feel comfortable within the unconscious rhythm of our behaviors - is due to the fact that the YES pronounced Internally, will have Real implications in our human and three-dimensional life, which means changing in us habits and ancestral behaviors: those where these forces have always accommodated themselves in the comfort of knowing that no human will, by itself, could dislodge them.

This YES is the internal authorization for Entities of other Consciousness dimensions to act and transmute all these old nodules from our bodies. This YES, a reflection of our deep commitment to the feminine aspect of the Cosmos, the sustainer of Creation itself, is the starter that will rescue us from this linear dimension towards a circular dimension and, therefore, is seen by these forces as a cry of war; an act that will jeopardize the territory they have conquered throughout incarnations.

It is after this YES, as a result of an Inner Invocation that each of us made to the deepest of our Being and through this to the Divine itself, that is shown to the disciple the path, the goal he defined before he even incarnated. In a brief glimpse, be it external or internal, perceptible by the outer senses, or only sensed through the vibratory note that defines this task, the disciple See what awaits him. In this unique moment, Peace installs itself in their bodies as an omen of the moment in which it will remain in a stable and definitive way.

At that moment, when our consciousness is clothed in the mantle of eternity, nothing remains but a sweet fragrance of Light and the Peace that annuls all the old forces. However, and this is the great proof of the disciple, it is only revealed the coming-to-be of something that needs to anchor in the matter in order to fulfill its true function.

And it is precisely in this moment of momentary grace that the disciple ceases to see and all the retrograde forces that move in him begin to act in an intense and persistent way, not only because the image where these forces have no place was revealed, provoking its reaction, but also because the Universe itself, in its infinite wisdom, directs part of these forces to test the YES for us pronounced.

Let us not expect, therefore, easy times after this YES. Many will be the tests, many will be the difficulties, many will be the forces that in us, or through those that surround us, will do everything to divert us from the path which, in conscience, we already have as being the only true one.

Before this, we must be vigilant, we must know how to denounce these forces at the very moment they present themselves, without ever confronting them. May we understand that nothing radical can help us. No abrupt gesture or ascetical attitude will have any effect since this would be to try to combat these forces and the process is not to struggle but to surrender unconditionally to the Divine.

On our part, we are asked for courage, determination, and true faith to follow the trail of this tenuous strand of Light where our conscience is, without wavering a single millimeter in the face of the storm that surrounds us. And all this is to be lived in an orderly and free manner, in a disciplined and fluid way.

The YES that leads to the final Grace is, therefore, the greatest test to which the disciple will have to be subject. Understanding the game of forces that lies behind this test - that everything that destabilizes us does not come from us or from others, but from those forces that, driven by the fear of being annihilated, will do everything to keep their space -, should bring us tranquility, because if our conscience remains firm in this vein of Light, in the inner image that has been revealed to us, what else can disturb that deep certainty that inhabits us?

Let us understand, then, that after the internal vows, after the unconditional surrender of ourselves to the Universe as a whole, nothing else can divert us from this path no matter how dark the scenarios that are set up around us may seem. The question that arises is not to know, for this very reason, whether we will get there - this is something that is delineated to the smallest detail since the beginning of time, only awaiting the consummation of the cycles to be fulfilled - but the degree of suffering that we are willing to accept before the stormy sea in which we sail.

Pain cannot be eliminated, of course, it is inherent to our very existence in the three-dimensional planes, however, it is we who define whether this pain turns into sadness or joy, into despair or confidence, into separateness or union, into tears of those who think themselves abandoned, or in the strength that arises before that smile of Light that hides behind the contours of the civilizational mask.

A smile that is the living and Real expression of our Deep and Eternal Identity.

After all, who are you?

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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