A retreat should not be seen by us as an opportunity to isolate ourselves from the world in pursuit of the tranquility we lack in the urban environments where we live. A retreat is not a walk into the countryside, a return to nature, much less an escape from the problems of the world.

May we understand that whenever we go to a true retreat, all human expectations about the form the retreat must-have will be swept away by the active energy in the area where we go. If we go in the expectation of returning to nature, the tent on the top of the hill, the sun, the breeze, the birds, all this romantic scenario then, it is more likely that this becomes exactly the opposite, as a way of testing our surrender to Life, showing us that being in retreat should have nothing to do with the external conditions of the space where we are, but with the posture that we must assume in conscience for the inner work to be carried out at that moment.

We must be, therefore, prepared for everything. It is a unique opportunity to transmute ancestral forces that need to get out so that new steps can be taken. A retreat allows us to touch the depths of our Being and to face ourselves, in a direct and unmasked way, with the retrograde forces that still act in our personality.

If the retreat is performed in full surrender, intensive processes of transmutation will certainly occur, freeing us from the weights we still carry on our shoulders. Let us not, therefore, expect the retreat to happen in a gentle way, but in the necessary turbulence for the sludge from the bottom of the tank to come to the surface after being stirred by the energy of the contact area, allowing it to be removed from the turbid waters, cleaning them.

It is in a retreat that we are confronted with parts of our personality that we do not know, allowing, in the intense experience that we will live, that all these old things be transmuted. However, no process of transmutation of forces can occur without intensely experiencing the action of these forces. If it is fear that has to be transmuted, then most certainly, during the retreat, we will intensely experience this same fear by bringing old narratives to the surface so that they can be removed by the root.

However, all this unveiling of forces, all this intense experience of currents contrary to the evolutionary process, does not happen only during the retreat, but also, and this is more notorious whenever we are in the process of going to a contact area, in the previous months to this event.

So, on the eve of a retreat, our life will seem to escape us completely, creating situations of conflict, inertia, inadequacy to the environment, fear of all kinds, the instability that will put in question the social and family structures where we fit and the security that we build. And it is to stimulate in us the surrender and faith in the process that will take place, and this can only happen if we find ourselves on a thin rope, in precarious equilibrium, uncertain about the next step, because it is precisely from this insecurity and uncertainty that our surrender to Life will be tested.

All this destructuration, however, has a specific function: the search for inner strength. An inner strength based on the deep certainty that nothing is outside its potential reality, in which external factors are a mere play of the three-dimensional drama that must be experienced with a warm smile and deep joy because it is our highest mission that is being fulfilled.

To be confronted with the pains of our personality, means that there, at that moment, these pains and the forces behind them, ask, cry out, and aspire to the Deep Fire of our Greater Identity so that it enlightens them into a higher plane of the Upright Universe. If we identify with these forces, we break the circuit, stagnating a whole process to which we are connected and of which we are a fundamental element in the resolution of the Divine problem: the return of the universal substance, after properly synthesized, to the Center that gave it expression.

A retreat, or permanence in an inter-dimensional contact area, is a unique opportunity for karmic cleansing, not only of the human karma but also of planetary karma, for we have all self-proposed to descend into the temporal universes to synthesize the rising substance into new dimensions. Everything is, therefore, a natural consequence of the Internal architecture of a program that the Divine established for this universe. Everything is as it has always been designed. Everything is at the point of exact temporal reality, even though it may seem, in our three-dimensional eyes, out of phase with the Divine Plan. Nothing is outside this Plan.

To be conscious of that, in every moment of our three-dimensional expression, is to allow, finally, the anchoring in our bodies of Universal Peace.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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