A new look is needed on this topic. A new understanding needs to anchor in us so that we can be aware of the real meaning of the ascension process.

In fact, no one actually ascends. This is one of the many illusions in which we are immersed. And no one ascends because we are already fully Divine. To where do we want to ascend, anyway? We are already, as Essence, at the highest peak of the Vertical Universe. We are One with the Divine. We are God Itself within time, fulfilling part of a task that witch its only function is the elevation of universal substance into the Center that gave it expression.

The process of ascension it’s not about our deep consciousness, but rather the substance that is our responsibility to work out in successive stages of temporal existence. It is the substance of the universe that ascends, not consciousness.

Thus, concepts such as "Ascended Master", for example, have to be completely redefined. In fact, there are no Ascended Masters, but rather Masters of Ascended Substance. It was the substance of their bodies, worked in successive stages, that ascended to higher levels of the cosmic manifestation and not the deep consciousness of these Masters, because if the focus is above and not below, then there is no ascension but the recollection of this consciousness into the center from where it was emanated.

The ongoing planetary ascension process is, therefore, related to the substance of planet Earth that will ascend one dimension. All the consciences incarnated in this temporal universe have as their sole function the elevation of substance, in its different levels, to an immaculate state. It is up to all of us, therefore, to work the substance of this planet so that one day we may deliver it, properly refined, into the sweet arms of the feminine aspect of the Universe. That’s our only function in this world, to synthesize all substance into a point of Light that will be taken to the altar of the Supreme Being.

This is the reason that caused the Divine to unfold into infinite consciences, prolongations of the only existing Life, thus allowing the substance of this temporal Universe to be reintegrated into the core of its eternal presence.

Our consciousness does not ascend, it only retreats into the Greater Center from where it is an emanation of the infinite. And it is precisely from this recollection that conscience brings with it the rising substance.

Only the human realm can do it. Other realms, such as the devic and the angelic, do not have this function. It is not their task to work the substance in the synthesis to be performed but to assist in this task by providing the necessary tools to allow us to accomplish the mission that has brought us from the Upper Stationary Universe into a Space-Time Universe.

When we incarnated in this Universe, we were handed raw clay and told: "Work it with the Fire of your Spirit." In successive stages of this Greater Incarnation, this clay was shaped, gaining form and brilliance. One day, within the linear-temporal process, that same clay will be transformed into Light, and that Light will be returned to the Divine.

This is the reason for our existence within this temporal universe. Nothing more is required of us than the transubstantiation of this clay, fulfilling our Major Task: the return of substance to the center that gave it expression.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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