The Zen Archer

In the inner silence, in the tender expression of those moments that pacifies in us everything when we learn not to resist Life, but through it, flow with time and space, letting Life be lived by us, everything will return to the keynote of our incarnation. And then will no longer be necessary to fight, to impose, to seek, for there, in the present moment where nothing is lacking, the Universe will do everything to nourish us with its manifestation of Abundance, Harmony, and PEACE.

Like the Zen archer who, in stretching the arch, without forcing his muscles, maintains this tension until something triggers the arrow without worrying about the target or the right time to release the rope, for it is Life that will lead this arrow where it has to arrive, and that will determine the exact moment of this to happen, also we will have, one day, to silence all our expression, living everything without tension, without a target and a time determined by ourselves, and then, the Soul, freed from the noise and the will of the ego, will manifest itself with all its power and consecrate us to Life that only awaits us to surrender unconditionally to the Divine.

When the arch is triggered with the Heart, the realization of the greater Will become fully present at that moment, echoing for eternity, even if the arrow doesn’t reach the target, because in the gestures of the archer, in the posture and in the release of the arrow in tune with Life, something profoundly healing will happen, both to the archer and to those who observe it.

Knowing how to revere this shot, even if the target is not reached because that target is actually internal and not external, is to realize that everything manifests as reality only within us, and it is from this realization that our life will change radically and we become instruments of the Evolutionary Plan as an expression of the true Service to the Divine.

Only the heart will allow us to truly Serve. Without the opening of this portal, the only one that competes us to open, since the others are the responsibility of the Hierarchy, nothing we can do that will become a real expression of Life, which awaits us to pronounce that deep and meaningful YES, so it can fully manifest in a world so lacking in Love. Without this opening, without this pulsation that comes from the center of our Soul, nothing that we do will be truly real, even though we can build much within the formal world, but this realization will not have been anointed and consecrated by Life.

To breathe the scents of this Life into that peaceful flow that silences everything, letting It leads us like a leaf in the stream of a river, is to drop the sword, undress the armor, and naked of all that is civilizational say: "Father, Thy will be done, for nothing sustains beyond that."

We will then become beings in full harmony with Life, surrendered into the arms of the Divine Mother, and consecrated by the Love of the Son that emanates through every atom of our body. And then we will cease to speak and write about the things our ego knows as if some reality in it would stand on its own, to become One with Christ in the radiance of Unconditional Love and, with that Love, qualifying the speech and the writing with the reality of the Heart.

And it is only those who find themselves within this manifestation that will be the children of the New Earth.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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