Releasing All Masks

We live very peculiar times. If in the past, we were gagged under the weight of religious morality, submerged by their dogmas that conditioned the full expression of our Self, today we are at the opposite extreme, building new dogmas. We try to show people that they can be anything they want, that through a practice, a method, a technique, they can build a new personality. On the personal development side, we are told that we can be happier, more successful, more joyful, more passionate. On the spiritual side we are told that we should be more coherent, humbler, more loving, more selfless and, based on all this, we are presented with multiple techniques and methods that enable us to achieve these objectives. But I say to you, that everything that we build with effort through a technique, whatever it is, is another character that we put on the stage. Better than the previous one, that's for sure if it's well built, but one more character.


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