The Real Reason for Being a Seed

Once, a stranger passing through an inn went in and sat down at one of the tables. A young woman who served there approached him, and handed him the menu. He ordered a light meal which the young woman wrote down.
After having the meal, the stranger noticed that he didn´t have any money, asking the young woman to call the innkeeper. When the innkeeper came, he said to him:

"I do not bring with me money with which I can pay for this meal, but if you accept, I will be able to offer you these two seeds which contain the Supreme Truth and that have been given to me directly by God."

The innkeeper, honored with such an offering, accepted.

Before leaving, the stranger called the young woman who had taken care of him in a friendly and welcoming way, offering to her, without anyone knowing, the third seed he carried with him.

The innkeeper then took the two seeds and placed one inside a vault and the other on the temple pedestal so that the people could praise the Greater Truth.

The third seed, the one that the stranger had given to the young woman who served in the inn, was thrown to the earth and watered with the love that this young woman dedicated to that task. And as the people gathered in the temple to praise the seed of the Greater Truth, and a narrower group secretly gathered to worship the seed in the vault, the young woman simply walked, every day,  into the yard where she would water the little seed.

And the years passed...

The cult to the seed in the temple grew and spread throughout the region. Many were the people, immense crowds, who each year walked to the temple to make their prayers and their requests.

The other cult, the one of the seed stored in the vault, more reserved, secret, and mysterious, also grew, bringing, after admission tests and various rituals, some people of the region.

And while the two cults grew, the young woman who worked in the inn spent part of her time taking care of the seed which, meanwhile, was transformed into a beautiful tree.

And it was then that a great buzz rose in that village when it was announced the arrival of an envoy of God. He, the same man who had given the seeds years before, entered the inn and sat down at one of the tables.

The innkeeper, honored by such a visit, dismissed all the servants so that he alone could serve that man. It was then that he, refusing the menu, said:

"Serve me the Truth."

The innkeeper then went to get the two seeds, bringing them to him:

"Here is the Truth, Lord."

The stranger looked at him confused, saying:

"What do you serve me, man? Do you really think I can eat these seeds?"

To what the innkeeper replied:

"But, Lord, did you not ask me to serve you the Truth? Here it is, the seeds that you have offered me. "

The stranger stood up in disappointment, saying, as he went out:

"When I offered you these seeds, they were the truth, but today the truth is different."

And he left the inn with hunger, walking down the main street of the village.

It was then that, as he passed the yard of a house farther away, he saw a sturdy tree and, next to it, a young woman. He approached.

"What a beautiful tree."

He said with a smile.

"Yes, Master!" - replied the young woman, recognizing him. - "It was born from the seed you offered me."

She then approached the tree, gathering some fruits that she offered him, saying:

"Here is the Truth you seek."

He smiled, retorting:

"Now that you have understood do not store these fruits in a vault to protect them, nor put them on a pedestal to worship them, but give them to the world so that a new truth may be born."

And that messenger of God departed with satisfaction, for at least one person had understood the reason for his mission, and thus, new fruits, germinated from a tree born of the wise hands of those who knew the true purpose for being a seed, would be donated to the world, satiating it from a long starvation.

From the book Spiritual Reflections for a New World


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