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About the Author

Pedro Elias was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in the year 1971.

Very early on his life, he challenged everything that was presented to him as reality, contesting the religious truths that were imposed on him. He became, from then on, a militant atheist.

In this phase, which crossed part of his adolescence, he challenged everything that did not have scientific support, seeing in science and rational and analytical thinking, the only possible way to Truth.

At the age of seventeen, however, an encounter with a book changed his life, provoking a rupture with this rational thinking and showing, through direct contact, a new reality that made him experience the Silence of the Soul.

From then on, he started to write his books and inspiring people into that same Silence.


Books in English

Pedro Elias has wrote five books that are now being translated into english.

Spiritual Reflections for a New World

In a simple and direct writing, the author presents us with a set of reflections that allow us to immerse ourselves in the search for our true identity. Through his writings it is possible to feel the fragrances of our Soul, this sacred and eternal Aroma as an expression of the true reality, and whose reunion will allow the full awakening of our Being.

The Key of Andromeda

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